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Sing...sing a song...

Posted by Charles P. Pierce  February 15, 2010 02:04 PM

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(Beware. Aging Boomer Moment approaching.)
I was driving along today -- and, no, neither directional was on, thank you --  listening to Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" for the third time since the second Reagan Administration, and I came upon these lyrics: "Laughed down by the putting green -- I popped `em in their holes." Now, assuming that there isn't some Brit slang in there that I'm missing, I have to think that's the strangest golf reference in the history of rock music. (If there are others, send them along). This got me thinking about odd sports references in other songs. Not songs that are specifically about sports, so Dylan's "Who Killed Davey Moore?" is out, as is that godawful Fogerty song about baseball. Just odd-lot lyrics and verses. Unfortunately, this also eliminates Sister Winona Carr's "Life Is A Ballgame," but that's the way it goes.

(Sister Winona also recorded the classic "15 Rounds For Jesus" which, alas, doesn't count, either.)

For example,  the famous tribute to Jackie Robinson from Chuck Berry's "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man."

Two, three, the count with nobody on
He hit a high fly into the stand
Round the third he was headed for home
He was a brown eyed handsome man.
That won the game he was a brown eyed handsome man

Or, conversely  this litany from Tim Curry's bizarro, "I Do The Rock":

Baby Ruth and Dizzy Dean
Best and Colin Cowdrey
Little Mo, Virginia Wade
Pistol Pete and O.J.
I've always like Di Maggio
and Rockne's pretty knute you know
I could never whack a ball with such velocity

Van Morrison tosses legendary jockey Lester Piggott  (and at a decent price, too ) into "In The Days Before Rock And Roll" -- "When we let and we bet/on Lester Piggott/10-1!" -- and there have to be more of these.

Hey, it's school vacation week. We should have some fun.
Here's Sister Winona, BTW.

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