Tony Massarotti

Catching Up on the Smaller Stuff

Attempting to touch ‘em all while counting down the days to the end of baseball and the start of football – not necessarily in that order…

When the Red Sox say they’ll be making evaluations over the final two months of the season, does anyone else wonder if they’ve actually made up their minds already? jbj2.jpgBy now, the Sox know who they like and they know who they don’t – or at least they should. And if they’re basing the future of the franchise on what they see in the final 50 games of a lost season, well, they’re in bigger trouble than anyone could have known.

Which brings me to Jackie Bradley.

When he’s being used as a defensive replacement at this stage of his career in this kind of season, it certainly makes you feel like the verdict is in.

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Now that Kevin Love is all but formally sealed in Cleveland, where is Rajon Rondo going?

Because he’s not staying here, right?

Preseason football can be difficult to watch, but I quickly came to the conclusion last week that Jimmy Garoppolo is already better than Ryan Mallett. garoppolo.pngOf course, that is as much by default as anything else. And there is still absolutely no way of knowing what Garoppolo is yet.

Loui Eriksson on the first line? Interesting. After all, Eriksson’s goal production has gone down every year since he scored 36 for Dallas as a 23-year-old in 2008-09.

Jon Lester pitches for Oakland again tonight at Kansas City, against whom he 2-0 with a 1.84 ERA this season. In his career against the Royals, Lester is 8-3 with a 1.65 ERA.


I’m no auto racing guy, but it’s hard to watch that video of Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward and not point fingers at anyone involved.

OK, I admit it: when I first heard that Tom Werner was a candidate for commissioner I immediately thought of the scene in “Back to the Future” where Doc Brown learns that Ronald Reagan is the President. His response. “Who’s vice-president, Jerry Lewis?”

Yet, after reading John Henry’s latest comments and thinking about the possible impact on baseball’s financial structure if Rob Manfred is elected, I’ve come to the conclusion that, selfishly speaking, it might be best for the Red Sox if Werner actually wins.

Of course, that might not be what’s best for baseball.

That said, is it a stretch to say that baseball could use someone like Werner to spruce up the television product?

I admit that I’m stealing this from someone else, but does Bill Belichick look a little, you know, chubby?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: America doesn’t love the underdog; what we love is greatness. That’s why we have been obsessed with Tiger Woods since he first broke onto the scene, despite no singular rival or challenger to his throne during his career. And that’s why professional golf should hope that Rory McIlroy is the next guy to win double-digit majors, whether he is American or not.

Of course, it would be nice if McIlroy had an American counterpart of some sort.

This means you, Rickie Fowler.

Anybody else getting annoyed by the ice bucket challenge? Just write the check already.

Nanoo-nanoo, Robin Williams. May you find peace on Ork.