Tony Massarotti

How Would You Fix The Red Sox?

Just wondering: anybody else ready to pull the plug on Grady Sizemore yet?

And once you’re done thinking about it, can we ask the same question of Will Middlebrooks?

Apples and oranges, I know. But you get the idea. GradySizemore.jpgThe Red Sox are struggling to score runs, and Sizemore and Middlebrooks are two of the places on the roster where the Red Sox have more immediate alternatives. In the case of Middlebrooks, Garin Cecchini is on the horizon. In the case of Sizemore, he is a 31-year-old reclamation project (and Daniel Nava is also at Triple-A).

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By now, you’ve heard all the numbers about the Red Sox offense, the most worrisome of which are these: the Sox are 10-19 against right-handed starters, who typically make up the large majority of pitchers in the American League. Their OPS is .686, which ranks 10th in the AL. This drop (from last year’s .818, first in the league) is primarily due to the absence of Jacoby Ellsbury (an .863 OPS against RHPs last year), Stephen Drew (.876) and Jarrod Saltalamacchia (.873). In their places, the Sox now have, essentially, Sizemore (.658) or Jackie Bradley (.599), Xander Bogaerts (.673) and A.J. Pierzynski (.763).

So, for now, here’s your question: how would you at least temporarily try to fix the Red Sox’ offensive struggles?

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