Tony Massarotti

After Buchholz, Sox had no other choice in how to handle Pineda

I said I intended to write again. I just didn’t know when or where. Now I do.

So now that we have that out of the way, anybody have the latest dirt on Michael Pineda?

Personally, I can’t figure which was dumber: a.) the fact that Pineda wants us to believe that he had only dirt on his hand at Yankee Stadium last night; or b.) the fact that he couldn’t do a better job of hiding it. (I’m going with b.) For as long as baseball has existed, players have sought an edge – saliva, Vaseline, Bullfrog or pine tar. Whatever. And so let’s not start tossing mud from this side of the street when we all know that Clay Buchholz was almost certainly doing his share of chemistry on the mound in Toronto last year.

buchholzmay2013.jpgIn the end, that’s the REAL reason the Red Sox didn’t address the issue with home plate umpire Brian O’Nora last night. Heck, it might be the reason the Yankees or Pineda (or both) all but rubbed the pine tar in the face of anyone wearing a Red Sox uniform.

Baseball now has more extensive replay, for goodness sake. Cameras are everywhere. And Pineda didn’t expect anyone to notice that clump of syrup on his hands as if he just washed his hands with a squeeze bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth’s?

"Guys look to create a grip, but typically you're not looking to be as blatant [as Pineda],” Farrell told reporters after last night’s game, a 4-1 Yankees win.

I’ll say. Back when stickum was legal in the NFL, Lester Hayes wasn’t as indiscreet as Pineda.

Here’s what I give the Red Sox credit for: they didn’t whine or cry foul. Farrell effectively warned Pineda not to be so obvious again – “We’ll see how the game goes,” he told reporters when asked if the Sox will be on lookout the next time – but the players shrugged it off. Buchholz, of course, didn’t have a choice. But from David Ortiz to David Ross and beyond, the Sox took the high road and tactfully accepted a loss, insisted there was nothing to see here.

Even as Michael Pineda all but rubbed their noses in molasses.

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