Tony Massarotti

Again, Red Sox Fail to Reclaim Grip

In baseball, more than any other sport, the .500 mark is often regarded in a positive light. Given the length of the season, .500 isn’t always a bad thing. Lose some. Win some.

For a losing team, .500 is often a goal and a chance to set the reset button.

So why is this relevant today? With yesterday’s 7-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Red Sox once again failed to reach .500. LesterStretch.jpgSince dropping to 2-3 with a loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on the first weekend of the season, the Red Sox are now 0-6 in games that might have evened their record. During that span the Sox have lost to Milwaukee, Texas, New York (twice), Baltimore and Toronto. The combined score of those games is 39-19.

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Last year, remember, the Red Sox never fell below .500, which is to say they generally had control of their season from start to end. It never really felt like things were getting away from them. This year, the Sox have not been able to reclaim their grip despite six chances to do so, which has added to the frustration of getting over the proverbial hump.

Does this concern anyone? Or do you regard it is as strictly a meaningless statistic?