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Touching all the bases during this time for all seasons

Posted by Tony Massarotti, Globe Staff  May 11, 2011 07:45 AM

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Firing away while taking a very deep breath between rounds of an NHL postseason that has been delightfully draining on emotional, psychological and physical levels ...
  • Please, no complaining about the Celtics. When Danny Ainge made his deal with the devil four years ago, we all knew the proverbial window would be small. In retrospect, the only real question we should ask now is whether Ainge should have blown the whole thing up last summer and started the rebuilding process then, if only because the Celtics would now be better off for it.

    I mean, if Ainge was going to trade Kendrick Perkins and neuter the Celtics in February, shouldn't he have just pulled the plug in July?

    And yes, I'd trade Rajon Rondo in a minute.

  • Looking at the bigger picture, do we have any more answers about the Red Sox now than we did on April 1?

    The offense has been inconsistent.

    The starting pitching has been streaky.

    The bullpen has been bad.

    Maybe the Red Sox built the bridge in 2010 and intend to push us off it in 2011.

  • While you were sleeping, according to NFL types, Tom Brady slipped in and out of town to get a progress report on his foot in the wake of offseason surgery and was told that everything is progressing nicely, meaning that Brady should be ready to go some time during training camp.

    Assuming there is a training camp.

    We just figured we should tell you that now rather than wait for a more relevant occasion.

  • Tiger Woods will win a major this year.
  • Here's another prediction: Patrice Bergeron will play in the NHL Eastern Conference finals between the Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning.

    And when he does, he will receive an ovation like no other in recent memory when he steps onto the TD Garden ice.

  • What Andrew Bynum did to Jose Juan Barea was nothing short disgraceful and the NBA should have suspended him for 10 games, not five.

    And it has nothing to do with the fact that Barea went to Northeastern.

  • Speaking of those Lakers, don't you just love how they go down fighting?

    I mean, in the last two games that ushered them out of the playoffs, the Lakers have lost by 36 points to the Dallas Mavericks (in Game 4 of this year's Western Conference semifinals) and 39 points to the Celtics (in Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals).

    No quit in that team, I tell you.

    How is that not a reflection on both Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant?

  • The Blue Jays have now stolen 11 bases in five games against the Red Sox, which cannot help but make you wonder if former pitching coach John Farrell wants to show up his former team every chance he gets.

    Can you imagine what Farrell would do against the Red Sox if he had, say, Carl Crawford?

  • What, exactly, does Bill Belichick have against pass rushers? Has anyone ever asked him this on the record? Does he believe that a pass rush is the product of scheme more than skill or ability?

    I want details on this.

  • If the Bruins were to get to the Stanley Cup finals, defeating the San Jose Sharks and Joe Thornton would be the most symbolic way to end a 39-year drought without a championship.

    In retrospect, after all, dealing away Thornton was the blow that dealt the franchise a severe concussion.

    Nonetheless, I fear that Broken Joe and the Sharks are up to their old tricks, about to collapse against the Detroit Red wings in the NHL Western Conference playoffs.

    And that Red Wings-Canucks series would be a doozy.

  • Years ago, some of us mocked Major League Baseball for the manner in which the sale of the Red Sox was conducted, the process so seemingly shady that the state attorney general got involved.

    In the end, we ended up OK, didn't we?

    And given how things are going in Los Angeles at the moment, one can only wonder what we would be saying and doing now if Frank and Jamie McCourt had acquired our beloved baseball franchise.

  • As far as the positional players go, Adrian Gonzalez has been the most consistent performer for the Red Sox. To his credit, Jacoby Ellsbury is second. All things considered, Ellsbury is playing his tail off and is having a nice bounce-back season so far.
  • I'll take Dennis Seidenberg on my team anytime, anywhere, against anyone.
  • Same for Delonte West.
  • Brad Marchand, too.

    Sorry, I mean Marshmont.

  • Betcha Doc Rivers wishes he never came back.
  • In the last two weeks, we have the celebrated the 25th anniversary of Roger Clemens' first 20-strikeout game and the 41st anniversary of Bobby Orr's Cup-clinching goal on Mother's Day, which is further reminder of something we should never, ever forget.
  • This remains the single, best sports town in America.

And, as a result, this is the best time of year to live here.

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