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Today's Q&A with Mazz

Posted by David Lefort, Boston.com Staff  November 25, 2008 01:34 PM

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Tony Massarotti: Hello all ... thanks for joining again ... let's see if we can catch everyone up on the latest ... remember: everything is in play, unless you ask me needless gossip about someone else...

ACuneo35: Mr. Tony Mazz! Thanks for taking questions and for your insight. Based on the initial reading of this offseason, it appears two things are happening. 1) Boras, as customary, is dragging his feet on deals to see if anyone will up the ante and 2) The Red Sox are biting which is great. Is your read that D-Lowe would come back at a "bargain" price (say 2-3 million less than others) should the Red Sox come calling officially? If that's the case, once again, Theo has hand on Boras. You are the man!

Tony Massarotti: thanks for the gushing ... market appears to be moving slowly for all players at the moment, so be patient ... as for lowe, money will be the deciding factor, but don't get your hopes up. someone else will pay him more...

denver_soxfan: Love your work, Mazz. Quick question. . . do you ever read comments posted below your online articles? If so, do you take any of 'em to heart, or do you just laugh off all of those online hacks (as if any of them could do any better)?

Tony Massarotti: impossible to read all of the comments, but i do read many of them. the beauty of this forum is that everyone gets heard and we publish all comments, excluding the profane ones. if i took them to heart, i wouldn't be able to do this job...

Bushie: Given the recent stories about the failed $100 million contracts, particularly for pitchers, do you see a cautious approach towards some of the big names out there?

Tony Massarotti: definitely, sox included. if you go back to 2001, the biggest deals were for a-rod, manny and mike hampton. all three were traded before the end of the contracts. what does that tell you?

BringInTheNewTex: Rob Neyer said Pedroia shouldn't have won MVP.... is he on drugs?

Tony Massarotti: don't really know rob, but how much did he see pedroia play in person this year? how much did he watch him on TV? bet it's less than you or me.

Tony Massarotti: but i do think the margin of victory was a little surprising

Bushie: When do we start hearing where the big fish land? Seems like NY is starting to get anxious over CC.

Tony Massarotti: wouldn't you? looks to me like he doesn't want to go there. he's had plenty of time to accept.

RemDogWho: do you see the Bruins making a run and joining this amazing run of new england sports and just flat out dominating?

Tony Massarotti: let's hope so. thoroughly enjoyed saturday night's win over montreal. can't remember the last time i made a regular season TV date with the bruins.

BringInTheNewTex: If the Angels offer C.C. the same amount as the Yanks, he has to go to LA right? I mean is it even a question?

Tony Massarotti: i would think so, yes. to LA, i mean ...

bobcat: Maz, Tex yes or no?

Tony Massarotti: still leaning toward yes, but we'll see. if the price gets outrageous, they could back out.

Steve: Do you see the signing, or non-signing, of Jason Varitek as an influence on the possibility of signing Mark Teixeira?

Tony Massarotti: actually, i think it might be the other way around. if the sox get teixeira, they might need less from their catcher in terms of offense, etc. regardless, at this stage of the year, EVERYTHING is connected on some level...

Pat: I know there have been conflicting reports but has there been any negotiations between Varitek and the sox?

Tony Massarotti: well, that could be an issue of semantics. if you ask me if any REAL negotiations have taken place yet, i'd have to say no...

Tony Massarotti: one thing about yesterday's reports: where negotiations start is irrelevant. it's where they finish. we've known for a long time that the sox are reluctant to make any commitment beyond two years, regardless of whether they have offered one year or not. initial offer really doesn't mean much...

BringInTheNewTex: Have you seen Kung-Fu Panda?

Tony Massarotti: negative. why? have you seen my cousin vinny?

redsox_27: do you think the lugo for dontrelle willis deal will get done

Tony Massarotti: i hope not. nothing worse than a bad pitching contract. sox can do better if they just eat lugo's money and get a prospect, a la renteria...

Tony Massarotti: of course, renteria had more value than lugo does...

mick: Gut feeling on the opening day 1st baseman for the Red Sox

Tony Massarotti: at moment, i'll stick with teixeira...

redsoxfanbrad: With the news that the Angels would rather pursue C.C. over Teixeira because He wants a 10 year deal I have two questions: 1 - Does he really want a 10 year deal? 2 - Do you think the Sox will end up with Him or the Yanks?

Tony Massarotti: just because he wants 10 years doesn't mean he'll get it. that's what i mean about ``negotiations.'' just because the red sox offered varitek one year (or not) doesn't mean they would stop short of going to two...

Booyah: Tony, money aside (impossible, I know), do you have the sense that the Yankees are still a major attraction for free agents? In this day and age, it seems like a contract with them could mean a miserable few years (again, money aside).

Tony Massarotti: clearly, fewer players want to go to NY. interesting, isn't it? not so long ago, the red sox were the ones who had to convince people, like schilling. now the yankees are doing the chasing...

Rotundo: Tony, is Baldelli looking for a starting OF job, or is he resigned to the fact that his illness/injuries may make teams shy away from him as a starter? You think the Sox will try to grab him as a 4th OF?

Tony Massarotti: i think he knows he's a fourth OF. the problem in having him as a reserve comes in that you need a good fifth OF, too. if someone goes down, rocco can't play everyday...

soxfanFL: any chance we could see bowden and bucholtz both on the major league roster on opening day?

Tony Massarotti: always a chance for everything until we learn otherwise...

malmax: Is Big Papi here or gone?

Tony Massarotti: here

bcam: If Tazawa does sign with the sox where do you see him right away? Does he start out in the majors? Starting or relief?

Tony Massarotti: minors. all indications are that the red sox are his team of choice. also, don't expect too much. he's less like daisuke and more like shigetoshi hasegawa, at least at this point...

Mikey: What's and average day in the life of Tony Mazz look like?

Tony Massarotti: a lot like this online chat

Tony Massarotti: but tomorrow, not so much

malmax: How are Theo and Larry getting along- think Larry is here for the long haul? What's Theo's future?

Tony Massarotti: they're getting along well enough. theo's future is anything he wants it to be. someday, he'll probably be a part-owner/president somewhere and playing in a rock band...

Tony Massarotti: or the commissioner

Tony Massarotti: or the U.S. President

Tony Massarotti: or all of the above

romo: Are the Sox going to deal for one of the texas catchers ? Thanks

Tony Massarotti: before it's all over, i would imagine so. i think it just depends on what other moves the make and what the rest of their team looks like, etc. but yes, i would expect a deal...

Bobby2: I'll try a third angle: What do the Phillies do to fill the void of Pat Burrell?

Tony Massarotti: Is this related to the Manny question, perhaps? Yes, Philly is a possibility. LA Dodgers, SF, and both NY teams, too...

gouconn_13: Look alike baseball winter meeting is going slow, is that because the GM is avoiding high paid contract offers or they are keeping everything in private which it may be a new baseball tact???

Tony Massarotti: probably a little of both. economy obviously in touch shape, which will affect teams in some capacity based on naming rights, etc. for example: if citi group does go under, won't the mets suffer from absence of naming rights?

brimley: Hi Mazz; what did you think of the Coco Crisp trade? I thought he was a little underappreciated while here in Boston

Tony Massarotti: personally, i thought he was overrated from the very beginning. they got what they could for him. he was a bad fit for this market. a 7th or 8th inning reliever is a good get...

TimothyB: Still wondering why Gordon Edes went to Yahoo--is it a state secret? What's the big deal in the silence?

Tony Massarotti: what silence? nobody is hiding anything. he thought it was a good opportunity to cover national stories and live a more normal life.

Tony Massarotti: at least, that's my take...

Vince_PA: If the red sox sign Tazawa, where would you rank him on your top 10 Red Sox Prospects?

Tony Massarotti: middle to bottom - at least until we see something...

malmax: If you weren't a sportswriter, what would you be?

Tony Massarotti: a teacher

Tony Massarotti: and i'm serious

Mikey: Do you miss WEEI?

Tony Massarotti: yes and no. don't miss the days where people called up and berated us for no good reason. do miss the days when we had spirited, real debates. miss the other co-hosts and hosts - all good guys...

Tony Massarotti: generally :)

2009Cup: The sox 40-man roster is at 37, when is the Rule 5 draft? and do you see the final 3 spots going to players who have a legit chance to be on the 25 man roster (Teixeira, Tek, Lowe for example) or will they try to protect a younger player from being taken?

Tony Massarotti: rule 5 draft is on the final day of the winter meetings, dec. 11. still some roster shuffling that could go on between now and then...

beantownkell: tony what do you think about the sox going after furcal?

Tony Massarotti: interesting, but he's been hurt a lot. depends on the deal.

soxfanFL: is masterson in the pen, rotation or another clubs roster?

Tony Massarotti: i'd leave him in the pen and i bet that's where he'll be. can have great impact there. but if he develops a change/split to use against lefties, i'd make him a starter...

Laughter: How about Pat's signing Cassell next year?

Tony Massarotti: well, the situation is obviously tricky. but the more you see of him, the more you think that the pats just can't let him walk.

Mikey: The rays are a KROD away from winning the next 5 world series. Why don't they suck it up and dish out the money? If they won the WS this year do you think they would have?

Tony Massarotti: not sure the answer is that easy, though they obviously could use a closer. i mean, did they lose to the phils because of their closer or because their offense went cold?

vtsoxfan: It was reported that John Henry's unhappiness with d-Lowe's off field activities contributed to his departure. How have things changed?

Tony Massarotti: don't think that's a big secret as it was reported at the time, too. but lowe has matured quite a bit in four years. haven't we all?

Tony Massarotti: or at least most of us? :)

RJ52445: if the sox get Teixeira will papi hit 5th?

Tony Massarotti: makes sense to me

Bushie: Where do you see Pedro and Nomar landing in 09?

Tony Massarotti: wouldn't surprise me if they both retire...

Josiah: Should Varitek get a $8M annual dual-option contract for life similar to Wakefield?

Tony Massarotti: hmmm. never thought of that. excellent idea.

Tony Massarotti: but boras will never go for it

TimothyB: How would you go about finding an agent for a fictional/fantasy, mythological, spiritual, psychological collection of short stories on GOLF?

Tony Massarotti: good heavens. no clue. word of mouth. google?

t_2: Who would you rather have on your team, Laurence Maroney or Tim Wakefield?

Tony Massarotti: WAKE

2006: Junichi Tazawa just signed with Boston. Does he project to be on the 25 man roster?

Tony Massarotti: don't believe he has signed just yet. see above. he'll be in minors.

2006: Is Pedro a HOFer? What about Mussina? Pettitte?

Tony Massarotti: Yes, Maybe, No...

gator39: who is your first pick in next years fantasy baseball draft?

Tony Massarotti: Hanley Ramirez

Jlexx: Hi Tony. Glad to see you over at the Globe. I think you have added a lot. Question: Teixeira has bounced around a lot - from Texas to Atlanta to Anaheim and now likely to some other team. Why is that? If he is such a stud, wouldn't these teams want to hang on to him? Are there character issues or is he not respectful of the other team members (a la Orlando Cabrera)? Seems strange that his previous teams wouldn't want to keep him. Thanks.

Tony Massarotti: He's moved around because nobody has been able to sign him. He has been intent on going to free agency to make a killing. So here we are...

Bobby2: Is Schilling finished?

Tony Massarotti: probably - just a few more gang - lots of questions this week!

BringInTheNewTex: in hindsight, would you do the beckett trade again?

Tony Massarotti: hell yes. he had an injury-riddled year, but he's not even 30 yet and has already produced one world title. lowell has been terrific, too.

Pat: I heard the rumors of AJ Burnett maybe being on our radar, what would be an contract that you would be alright with given burnett's background health wise

Tony Massarotti: Hmmm ... maybe three or four years at $12-$13M per? Unfortunately, I don't think that will come close to getting it done...

TekFan: why can't Youk play short stop

Tony Massarotti: Doesn't have the range or raw athleticism. Have seen a lot of that talk on the comment boards and I think it's utterly preposterous...

22: tony... 1975 WS game 6 is often looked upon as the "Game of the ages" a game that Reed Sox fans often talk about as a "moment frozen" in 10 year's will we be talking about another game 6, like Bruins _Montreal Game 6 from last season as a Moment Frozen in time" since then the team has really picked up steam and brought fans back

Tony Massarotti: WAY too early to tell, but I think that Game 6 certainly has had an impact on this season, to be sure...

MMAINE: Are the sox interested in Orlando Cabrera? If not why not.

Tony Massarotti: no. too many other teams looking for shortstops and he'll get a better deal elsewhere. after all, renteria is getting another $9M per year - unbelievable...

Roy_Hobbs: Tony, ever frequent the Powderhouse Pub while at Tufts? It's just changed names.

Tony Massarotti: went to lots of pubs, but not that one. incredible, but true...

sox_fan: who is your favorite current sox player?

Tony Massarotti: gotta go with varitek and ortiz in a dead heat, but it's a close race. really good group of guys. i've been lucky in my time on the beat.... i really like lowell and becket, too ... pedroia ... drew ... youk ... have i named them all yet?

pumpsie_green: Will Bobby Schmautz have a break-out season?

Tony Massarotti: nobody could shoot the puck over the net - and off the glass - like schmautzy

Tony Massarotti: three more...

jpw: It looks like the $51.1 million fee to get Daiske is starting to pay benefits with the Tazawa signing. Was it always the plan to use the signing as an entry point to entice other Japanese players to the Sox?

Tony Massarotti: it was part of the logic, yes. i think we all noted that at the time. the red sox entered a new frontier with dice-k, just as they did with pedro in the Dominican...

weei_misses_you: favorite red sox player of all time?

Tony Massarotti: Pedro Martinez!!!!

kcsox2: What do you think of this talk on ESPN of the Patriots trading Tom Brady?

Tony Massarotti: Sounds nuts to me. But then, let me watch Cassel for a few more weeks and look up the details of Joe Montana's departure from SF...

Tony Massarotti: last one....

BringInTheNewTex: LINEUP FOR NEXT YEAR????????????????????????????????????

Tony Massarotti: ok, calm down already...

Tony Massarotti: SO many people to please ...

Tony Massarotti: let's go with:

ellsbury, cf
pedroia, 2b
youkilis, 3b
teixeira, 1b
ortiz, dh
bay, lf
drew, rf
lowrie, ss
varitek, c (subject to change)

TBA (i know, it's a cop out)

Tony Massarotti: thanks for joining us, gang ... look forward to seeing you all next week ... Happy Thanksgiving to all of you...

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