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Giving thanks - and getting none

Posted by Tony Massarotti, Globe Staff  November 26, 2008 09:54 AM

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The holidays must be coming. People clearly are in the giving mood. Can’t seem to write or say anything these days with invoking the wrath of at least some members of the local fandom, though we certainly are not complaining.

Passion come in various forms, after all.

As the saying goes: You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

In some cases, punctuation is altered to protect the illiterate.

Franklin33: You must really think your readers are stupid, Maz. You make extraordinary claims with out backing them up with sources. It's just wild speculation. The very reasons you give for assuming they will go after [Teixeira] - i.e there track record of irresponsible spending for injury prone or over-rated players - are reasons to believe they may have learned their lessons. Why don't you rewrite this article when you actually know something.

Tony Massarotti: Two Zs in Mazz, boys. Just like two Os in Goose.

Stan: Get over yourself, Mazz. I'll trust the guys in the front office, thank you. How many rings do you have??

Tony Massarotti: One. A platinum wedding band. Not interested in another.

Stan4444: Get over yourself, Mazz. If you were running the Sox, we'd still be looking for our first World Series win since 1918. I totally trust Theo and his guys' instincts on players - not yours. If memory stands, you were appalled they got Big Papi back in the day. Your arrogance is palpable.

Tony Massarotti: In all honesty, I think you’re getting me mixed up with someone else. Actually, I wanted to trade Jon Lester. As for palpable arrogance, what exactly is that?

Greg: Stick to a sport you at least know a little about, Mazz: girls volleyball - I mean baseball. Listening to you talk football is like listening to Steve or Freddy on WEEI talk baseball.

Tony Massarotti: Freddy and Steve. Sounds like the name of a musical. Or maybe a steakhouse.

Yeah ok but: You made an entire article out of the single most obvious statement you could make regarding the Patriots. Bravo.

Tony Massarotti: You wanna try writing roughly 250 columns a year? Not that easy, pal. We have to seize on what we can.

Anonymous: Great article, Mazz. It's odd, but it seems like going back to 04', the secondary was always the Pat's Achilles heel.

Tony Massarotti: See? Why can’t you be more like this guy?

Peter: Tony, like the realism. Of course, people have a tendency to overlook the fact that in the Super Bowl last year and the AFC Championship the year before, the defense gave up game winning drives. I think the pass rush is a major problem.

Tony Massarotti: Amen, Peter. Power to the people. Peace out.

C2m3m: Tony, you need to raise your football IQ to a comparable level as your baseball IQ. Ben Roethlisberger over Favre? Seriously? Favre has the most wins, most TD's, most completions, most yards, most MVP's in history. Oh, and he just spanked the Pats in their house and took away their division and followed that up by beating the 10-0 Titans in their house. But you'd take Ben. Seriously.

Tony Massarotti: Favre has played at least parts of 18 seasons. Roethlisberger has played five. They have the same number of Super Bowl titles. Enough said.

Pete: Good stuff, Mazz. Always love reading what you have to say. It’s true: the CHAMPS really only have to worry about one team, themselves. If they stay intense, which is all but given due to KG alone, the playoffs seem inevitable. Go Celts.

Tony Massarotti: Seems to be a pattern developing here. Any chance that Pete and Peter are the same guy?

J-Live: Tony, the Jets at 4 [in the power rankings]? In the immortal words of Warner Wolf. C’mon,give us a break!!

Tony Massarotti: And that was before the Tennessee game. Care to print a retraction?

Matt Osgood: Mazz, I can’t stand when you go do Sports Final with Felger, another bandwagon jumper. You're both idiots.

Tony Massarotti: Have been committed to another show for some time now. You have me mixed up with someone else? And who’s Felger?

Duinne: Gee, Mazz, I thought the Bruins were a joke and weren't worth the time, and fans who paid attention to them were suckers? At least that's what you said on the radio not too long ago. And I don't mean two years ago. Why don't you just leave the Bruins alone and pay attention to what you know, which is … what DO you know, anyway?

Tony Massarotti: Not much, but am willing to bet that you are a spiteful, angry little man.

Dave: So Detroit's 27 points are more than the Bruin's 28...and the B's 28 are more than the Ranger's 33.... Interesting.

Tony Massarotti: Actually planned to double-major in English and Math during college at one point, but had to drop math. Now you know why. The Globe regrets the error.

Chip: Tony, the Bruins are also behind the New York Rangers points wise too. Do a little more research, like glancing at the standings. Both you and Buckley should refrain from writing about any other sports other than baseball.

Tony Massarotti: See above. And who’s Buckley?

Steve: Mazz, are you serious? Did you do any research regarding current standings? We are behind the Rangers and Sharks and a point ahead of the Red Wings (although they have 2 fewer games than the B's). Stick to what you know which is pretty much the Red Sox, and even that I am not sure of.

Tony Massarotti: All right already. I got the message.

John: You guys really should consult with Fluto and, I hate to say, KPD as well before you publish your articles or writings about anything hockey related. When it comes to the B's, the more fans the merrier and hop on board. It's a shame what the sports writing in this city has become (clear pandering to the proverbial cash crops).

Tony Massarotti: Actually, it’s a shame what sports writing has become in general. These days, just about any clown can build his own website and become a star without ever showing up at games.

Pete: Mazz wouldn't know a hockey puck from a duck. I find ironic that he spent much of his time last year making fun of hockey and how irrelevant it was to now writing a column about the up-and-coming B's. Don't sprain an ankle jumping on the bandwagon, Mazz.

Tony Massarotti: Too weird. When the B's scored seven goals against Buffalo last week, I swear I heard some quacking. No wait. That must have been Max at the Celtics game.

Stan4444: Your hockey IQ amazes me. Keep it up, Mazz. You're such an expert on everything I expect you to be named to the O'Bama cabinet real soon.

Tony Massarotti: Wait. Is the President-elect Irish? How did I miss this?

Mvega$: Nice job, Mazz. I know hockey coverage isn't your thing, but is nice to see someone who doesn't cover the B's give them their props.

Tony Massarotti: Just doin’ my thang, big man. Make love, not war.

Third Coast Elitist: In a later post, can you explain in greater detail why you are glad the Manny for A-Rod deal failed? Is it because Manny was a part of two World Series Champions? Or is it because A-Rod is not well liked and is viewed as less than championship material?

Tony Massarotti: All of the above. See? You’re smarter than you think you are.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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