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Dishing out some opinions

Posted by Bob Ryan, Globe Staff  May 17, 2010 02:00 PM

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- A few random thoughts from the NBA front ...

  • You gotta love Kendrick Perkins, who is redefining for all future Celtics bigs the concept of doing the thankless dirty work. He vaporized Jermaine O'Neal, he neutralized Shaq and now all he's being asked to do is guard the league's best center (however limited his offensive repertoire), who is merely the strongest man in the league.

    Now if someone would politely ask him to save his six fouls for defense. Just stop setting those high picks; that's all. Stop it. If there's even a 25 percent chance the referees will call it an offensive foul, just stop doing it. Trouble is, with Perk it's more like an 80 percent chance, so just stop doing it. His first two fouls on Sunday were offensive fouls setting high picks. The team can't afford him having one-third of his allotted fouls being on offense, when he's got to play Dwight Howard.

  • They have never stopped being bush here in Orlando. They've got a classic screaming PA fool, number one. And on Sunday they handed out both those idiotic cheer sticks for people to bang, as well as stupid little paddles with the bouncing balls. Oh, that's really 21st century.

    Meanwhile, they are leaving an arena that is perfectly fine for a new palace a mile away that will have the requisite luxury boxes everyone needs these days, but which have zero to to with the average fan. Amway Arena was built in 1988, and now they will be tearing it down. Does that make sense in this fiscal climate?

    Of course, the biggest travesty ever is the new Giants/Jets Stadium, which is replacing one of the best football stadiums (or must I say stadia?) ever built. You just cannot do better than the "old" (1976 or so) Giants Stadium, which had fabulous sightlines, and which was ingeniously constructed so that no one, no matter where he or she sat, was more than a few steps from either a concession stand or rest room. But none of that matters now that they will have luxury boxes for people who really aren't interested in watching the game, anyway. Welcome to America, 2010.

  • To paraphrase Voltaire, if Stan Van Gundy didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him. If he's this forthcoming in public, what must he be like inside that locker room? And I still say if you stuck Stan and Jeff in a line of 100 people, no one would pick them out as brothers.

  • Are you LeBroned out yet? And it's only mid-May.

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