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Enjoy the moment

Posted by Bob Ryan, Globe Staff  May 1, 2009 03:44 PM

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Sometimes people really amaze me.

I've actually read stuff from people questioning the greatness of this Celtics-Bulls series on the basis of Chicago's regular-season record. What difference does that make? For that matter, what difference does it make that Kevin Garnett has not played when we're discussing the historic relevance of this series? The games either did or did not unfold as we've seen them. They either were or were not superb sports entertainment. And we all know they were,

It doesn't matter of the Bulls were 21-61, 31-51, 41-41, 51-31 61-21, or whatever, What matters is how they're playing now. Once again I remind people they are putting out on the floor a No. 1 (Derrick Rose), a No. 3 (Ben Gordon), a No. 4 (Tyrus Thomas), a No. 7 (Kirk Hinrich) and a No. 9 (Joakim Noah). That's a lot of raw talent. Whatever problems they had they don't have now. And they became a much better team when they added John Salmons and Brad Miller in that Sacramento trade.

Why can't people simply sit back and enjoy the show? You can nitpick specifics all you want. But all the couldas, shouldas and wouldas are what make the enterprise worth talking about. If every team played a perfect game in every sport every time out, no one would ever lose.

This will be a tough series for someone to lose, sure, but it's pretty obvious it will be tougher on the Celtics, who, Garnett or no Garnett, were expected to win and who have blown more chances to win games that they eventually lost than the Bulls have. So much for "experience."

They should win Game 7. But if they don't, it would be nice if people would give the Bulls proper credit and move on. This series isn't solely about one team or the other. It's about two teams giving us the kind of sports experience to tell the grandchildren about. One of them happens to be a defending champion trying to make do without its true leader (Kevin Garnett) and an important auxiliary piece of its puzzle (Leon Powe). The other happens to be a relatively young team with some extraordinary talent that may have finally found itself.

What they've given us is sport at its best. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that should stick with UFC.

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