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Where were we?

Posted by Bob Ryan, Globe Staff  October 16, 2007 06:10 PM

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Not Cleveland, which is where I was supposed to be.

We had weather troubles Monday morning in Dallas, and anyone who travels knows that means Big Trouble in Big D. But weather isn't the only issue. Weather is going to happen. The real problem nowadays is that when bad weather such as the thunderstorms that hit Dallas-Ft. Worth on Monday morning happen and flights are cancelled, re-booking isn't what it used to be.

It's a little bit harder to re-book people when all you have available are those baby jets. I was wait-listed on a flight to Cleveland that would have gotten me to the game on time, but the plane in question was a 65-seater and they accepted one stand-by. I was number four.

A subsequent connection to Cleveland via LaGuardia didn't happen, either, because the first leg was delayed 2 1/2 hours leaving Dallas. That's how I wound up spending the night at LaGuardia, rather than Jacobs Field. I arrived at the bar in time to see Westbrook leave and Jensen slam the door.

Boy, are they sensitive

I'm speaking of librarians. I've learned that not many of them have a sense of humor about themselves.

All I did was conjur up an image while writing about Tom Brady. I was searching for something Tom Brady would be unlikely to do, and I came up with the idea of him dating a "homely librarian," which, we all know, there isn't one chance on a trillion he would do.


Let's just say it's nice to know that so many librarians, male and female, read the Globe. And maybe two of them can see the forest for the trees. They're very touchy, these people.

It was a good image and I'd use it again. The issue isn't librarians. The issue is Tom Brady, who can, and does, date gorgeous women who may or may not be great conversationalists. I never said all librarians were bad-looking. I promise you that if Tom Brady had run into Marian The Librarian from "The Music Man," as portrayed by Shirley Jones, he'd happily ask her out, as did Professor Harold Hill. I'm also sure there are a lot of real-life Librarian Babes.

But Tom Brady's not taking out the ones who aren't.


You know it.

I know it.

And I'd like to think the librarian community should likewise know it.

I insist that instead of getting all huffy about a very apt reference, all these "offended" librarians should have had a laugh. I cannot believe the lengths some of them went to defend the profession. They apparently think that we think they're all geeks. I don't. No one is more committed to the concept of the printed word than I.

And I'm going to tell them all one more time: if you think Tom Brady is taking out a homely librarian, or a homely secretary, or a homely auto mechanic, or a homely sportswriter, now or ever, you are dreaming. And that's all I meant.

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