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Odyssey continues

Posted by Bob Ryan, Globe Staff  October 14, 2007 02:28 PM

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Kept track of Game 2 the old-fashioned way, i.e. part TV, part radio. ESPN radio gave us Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, and Joe did have one of his great gaffe moments. He went on and on about how the inning would have been over and the Red Sox would not have scored a run had Papi not beaten out that grounder prior to Manny's HR. The only problem was there were none out when it happened, and the inning actually did end later on with the (predictable) J.D. Drew DP.

I'll admit that I conceded after the top of the 11th and put out the lights, mindful of a 5:30 wake-up. I figured even Joe Borowski could hold a seven-run lead.

  • About BC-Notre Dame: shocking.

    This was my first look at the Irish, and they're every bit as bad as you've heard. Here are the two things they did best in the first half:

    1. The Price kid punted nicely.

    2. Jimmy Clausen threw the ball away with aplomb. Helps to have a pro QB coach, I guess.

    Other than that, it was a beat-down. People apparently think I was kidding when I said UMass played BC tougher. I wasn't.

    But this ratings thing is absurd. First of all, South Florida's got to be ahead of BC. They beat Auburn. BC's great claim to fame thus far is beating Georgia Tech at Georgia Tech, a victory that doesn't look so great now. The truth is that BC has a back-loaded schedule. You could see them playing well and losing any of their five remaining games. You just cannot take the rating seriously. This is the craziest college season of my lifetime. I'll still be very happy and surprised if BC makes it to the Orange Bowl. There's a lot of football to be played.

  • Now I'm in Big D (well, Irving). The hotel was teeming with grown adults wearing football jerseys, split about 2/3-1/3 in favor of the 'Boys. I got on an elevator with two ladies, one wearing a 'Boys jersey of some kind and the other with a Pats No. 12. I stepped in between them and asked them to be nice. But the Brady fan said, "Oh, no, we're friends, actually.

    The other says, "Until the game starts, anyway."

    Classical music fans would never understand.

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