BU Coach Kelly Greenberg Out After Bullying Accusations

Boston, MA - 03/04/14 - BU women's head basketball coach Kelly Greenberg. - (Barry Chin/Globe Staff), Section: Sports, Reporter: Bob Hohler, Topic: BU women's hoop, LOID: 7.3.1016035687.
BU women's head basketball coach Kelly Greenberg. (Barry Chin/Globe Staff)
The Boston Globe

Boston University and women’s basketball coach Kelly Greenberg have parted ways following a Boston Globe investigation that shed light on bullying accusations from Greenberg’s former players.

Four scholarship players quit the team last season after claiming Greenberg emotionally abused them. In the report from the Globe’s Bob Hohler, former player Nikki Tamanosky said, “I literally felt like she bullied me out of the program. I came to hate myself because of her.’’

Greenberg confirmed her departure from the program in a statement posted on the BU Today website.

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"I do not agree with some of the findings of the review panel regarding my coaching style, which was intended to produce well-rounded athletes and a winning team. However, given all that has transpired, I do not believe that it will be possible for me to continue as an effective coach at Boston University."

The BU Today story also quoted Todd Klipp, a senior vice president at the school, as saying, “A compelling case was made, based on interviews with the team as a whole, that the manner in which Coach Greenberg interacted with many of her players was incompatible with the expectations and standards for University employees, including our coaches.” Klipp added that a review of the complaints against Greenberg could not substantiate many of the complaints made by the four players who quit the team last season. BU formed a committee to look into the allegatons following the Globe story last month.

Greenberg and her lawyer declined further comment to the Globe Tuesday night.

“I was really hopeful that BU was going to make the right decision,’’ Melissa Gallo, the only senior among the alleged victims, told the Globe. “The whole reason I came forward was so the girls who are still on the team will have a much better experience than what I went through and what the other girls went through. Now, I hope this program will start heading in a positive direction.”