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BU star arrested for assault

Trivino dismissed from hockey team

Corey Trivino was charged with sexual assault after he allegedly forced his way into a female student’s room Sunday. Corey Trivino was charged with sexual assault after he allegedly forced his way into a female student’s room Sunday. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff)
By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell
Globe Staff / December 14, 2011
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Boston University center Corey Trivino, the team’s leading scorer, was arrested by campus police Sunday night and charged with forcing his way into a female student’s dormitory room and forcibly kissing and groping her. Coach Jack Parker dismissed Trivino from the team and revoked the senior’s scholarship.

Trivino was arraigned yesterday morning in Brighton District Court and released on his own recognizance, but was ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and the BU dorms. Trivino, a Canadian citizen, was ordered to surrender his passport.

An administrative hearing is scheduled for Jan. 18.

According to the police report, obtained by the Globe, Trivino was described as “very intoxicated.’’

Parker said it isn’t the first time Trivino has been involved in alcohol-related incidents.

“I had to get rid of Corey Trivino from our hockey team because I’d given him a warning in September that if he had another alcohol-related incident on or off campus, I would remove him from the team and take away his scholarship,’’ said Parker.

Parker said he tried on more than one occasion to get Trivino to agree to alcohol counseling, but Trivino refused.

“I tried to get him to get some help,’’ said Parker. “I tried to get him to talk to some people regarding an alcohol problem. He wouldn’t do it, he didn’t think he had an alcohol problem.’’

Parker said he told Trivino he had a problem but Trivino disagreed.

“[I said] One of us is going to be right,’’’ said Parker. “I’m betting you’re going to be sitting in front of me before the semester is over and I’m going to be telling you, ‘You’re out of here.’ ’’

Parker said the situation is painful.

“He’s a terrific kid,’’ said Parker. “I can guarantee you, he has no recollection what he did that night. He knew what the consequences were if he got into an alcohol-related problem again. Unfortunately, he got into a problem that is way bigger than I ever thought he could get himself into. I got the call at 1 o’clock on Monday morning that he was arrested and at the BU police station, drunk, and was arrested for sexual assault.’’

Parker said he elected to take swift action.

“I don’t have to stick around and see how the court case comes out, I don’t have to see if that is true or false, all I have to know is that he had an alcohol-related incident on campus, he’s gone,’’ said Parker. “I feel bad for him, I feel bad for the woman involved, she must have been terrorized and felt bad about it and will not forget it. Corey, I hope, will never forget this. Maybe he’ll learn from it. I know he’s a good kid and that’s not Corey’s M.O. except when he’s drinking. Some people can’t drink, he’s one of them.’’

“My team is very upset,’’ said Parker. “He’s a real good teammate, he’s friends with an awful lot of these guys. He’s well liked. He’s so important to the team from a winning and losing point of view. He’s been our leading goal scorer, he’s been our first-line center, our best penalty killer, a power-play guy, he gets all kinds of ice time.

“All that pales in comparison to the other stuff that’s going on. The way he is gone makes it even worse because now it’s a big hole in the soul of the team, so to speak. We might not recover from that. That type of stuff is all trivial compared to the stuff he’s going to have to recover from and the girl’s going to have to recover from.’’

Trivino, who was a second-round draft pick (36th overall) of the New York Islanders in 2008, scored two goals in BU’s 5-1 victory at Maine Saturday night.

Dean of students Kenneth Elmore said the administration is investigating the incident. Parker said Trivino won’t return to the school because his scholarship has been revoked.

“This has nothing to do with BU, this has to do with me,’’ said Parker. “He’s kicked out of school because I took his scholarship away. He can’t come back because he doesn’t have any money. BU hasn’t done a thing to him yet. They’ll talk to the girl and they’ll talk to Corey and they’ll make a decision on what his punishment will be, if any.

“My actions have taken BU’s actions out of the picture. They can’t do anything more to him than I’ve already done to him. They can’t kick him out of school, he’s not going to be here. I don’t mean that as good or bad, it’s just a fact.

“This is a good kid with a bad problem. Maybe this will get him to do something about that problem, because if he doesn’t, this will be just the tip of the iceberg to his problems.’’

Elmore said it’s a difficult and sad couple of days for the school.

“Certainly from our standpoint, this is a terrible and tragic situation,’’ he said. “Our primary concern is with the woman who is the alleged victim here. We want to make sure we take care of her and her friends and family. Certainly we have to be mindful that there are other members of the community who know Corey as well who are also affected by this.

“We want to make sure we let people know we acknowledge and appreciate that Jack Parker took such swift and decisive action. This is a university matter and I appreciate him being engaged enough to make the decision that he did.

“We will certainly follow up and investigate this on behalf of the university, too, and make the ultimate decision that may have further effects. We have to hold students accountable for their behavior.’’

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell can be reached at

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