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Local star finds success north of the border

Catching up with Darren Flutie

NATICK, Massachusetts -- He is considered one of the greatest Canadian Football League receivers of all-time.

Darren Flutie, Doug Flutie's younger brother, played 12 seasons in the CFL before retiring in 2002 as the league's all-time leader in receptions (972) and second all-time in receiving yards (14,359). During his career, Flutie scored 66 touchdowns, averaged 14.8 yards per catch and played in four Grey Cup games, winning twice.

"I am very thankful and no question am very proud of (my career in the CFL)," said Flutie. "I was a borderline guy in the NFL. The opportunity to go up to Canada and play was just a blessing for me and my family. I am certainly proud of what I accomplished, but I am also very thankful for it."

These days, Flutie has returned to his hometown of Natick with his wife Terri and their two children, Taylor, 9, and Troy, 8.

"We bought our first house in Franklin (Massachusetts) and we had promised each other that by the time our kids got to be school age we wanted to move back to Natick because we love the community," said Flutie. "We knew the people in Natick and knew the teachers that would be teaching our children. It was important for us to be involved in the Natick community because we think so highly of it."

Flutie keeps a close eye on the Natick High football team, where his nephew Billy Flutie was the starting quarterback this year.

"It's really neat that he plays for Tom Lamb," said Flutie. "My brother Bill (Billy's father) played for Tom Lamb, Doug played for Tom Lamb, and I played for Tom Lamb. I think the world of him (Lamb). For us it's just a joy to watch him and to seem him grow and develop."

With his football career behind him, Flutie is now the Vice President of Sales for the Merrill Corporation, a financial printer in Boston.

"I interviewed with a couple of financial printers and ultimately interviewed with Pete Cronan - my boss at Merrill Corporation," said Flutie. "We have a strong Boston College connection and a link with professional football. I am beyond enjoying it and it has totally surpassed my expectations of how much I would enjoy it."

Flutie is still involved with the CFL as well, serving as an analyst on CFL broadcasts. Flutie was given the chance to audition for the analyst broadcasting position shortly after he retired and at first was very hesitant.

"When I retired in 2002 I had retired to stay home with my family and didn't necessarily think my playing days were over," said Flutie. "About two months later the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) called me and asked if I was interested in doing any analyst work for the CFL.   Continued...

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