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A familar name re-emerges

Catching up with Gordie Lockbaum

WORCESTER -- In 1987, Notre Dame wide receiver and current Oakland Raider Tim Brown was named the Heisman Trophy winner. In 1986, University of Miami quarterback and current New York Jet Vinny Testaverde took home the Heisman.

If you take a closer look at the balloting during those two years, you will notice the name Gordie Lockbaum.

Lockbaum, who played his college football at Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., finished fifth in 1986 and third in 1987.

That is quite an accomplishment for someone who played at such a small school. Now, with colleges spending thousands of dollars to market their Heisman hopefuls, the days when small schools like Holy Cross could dream of sending candidates to the Downtown Athletic Club are long gone.

"It was incredible because anybody that watched sports from such a young age knew what the Heisman Trophy was," said Lockbaum. "If you had ever seen any of the ceremonies or seen guys like John Cappelletti accept it, that award always has a special place in the athletic world.

"To be considered for that award and to go into that building and see the history and see the portraits of all the past winners, just imagining yourself being one of them was awesome. I knew I was a long shot and probably wasn't going to win, but it was fun to dream about for a day or two."

These days, fans can find Lockbaum still in Worcester working for the Sullivan Insurance Group, where he has been for 14 years. Not surprisingly, he is very successful as vice president.

Lockbaum and his wife Denise are raising a son, Gordie, who in the summer of 2002 enjoyed a trip to Williamsport, Penn., for the Little League World Series, and a daughter, Olivia, who at age six has already ventured into the world of sports by playing soccer.

Along with working at the Sullivan Insurance Group, Lockbaum is still very involved with youth sports and other organizations. He has coached youth football, Pop Warner and Little League. Now he coaches soccer, Babe Ruth, and wrestling at the midget level and varsity level at Worcester Academy. Lockbaum is also very active in several civic and charitable organizations including the United Way of Central Massachusetts and Why Me, Inc.

He even did some broadcasting for Holy Cross football, but when his son was old enough to play sports that became his top priority.

"I did broadcasting for about four or five years, but I gave that up about six years ago when my son turned eight playing sports on the weekends," said Lockbaum. "It was a situation where I was at practices, but I wasn't able to be there for the games. You cannot replace the time you have with his athletic career where I am going to have the chance to coach or observe it. I gave that up and got more involved in what he is doing and now I am doing it for my daughter as well."   Continued...

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