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Posted by Staff  May 2, 2013 10:02 AM

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Boston sports had an all-around successful night Wednesday as the Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox were all able to take down New York and Toronto (twice), respectively. Here's a round-up of what the media in those two cities are saying today.



Mark Berman says the Knicks got a little too cocky for their own good:

In nothing short of a choke, the Knicks allowed the Celtics to keep their season alive and take Game 5 last night in a 92-86 shocker at the Garden, staving off the anticipated Boston “funeral.”

Once ready to sweep the Celtics, the Knicks cling to a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series which is headed back to Boston tomorrow, echoing memories of 2004 when the Red Sox rallied from a 3-0 deficit to shock the Yankees.

No NBA team has recovered from a 3-0 series deficit.

The Knicks got too full of themselves in the past few days, and it cost them. Smith bragged the series would be over if he had not been suspended Sunday. And following the lead of Kenyon Martin, all Knicks players had black jackets and black slacks hanging in their lockers before last night’s potential Game 5 closeout, anticipating the demise of the Celtics’ season. Embarrassingly, they were forced to wear their all-black garb afterward.

“We were going to a funeral, but it looks like we got buried,’’ said J.R. Smith, who said he won’t wear black to a game anytime soon. “We got humbled.’’

Fred Kerber compares Celtics to 2004 Red Sox:

“I seen it. It was tremendous,” Celtics sharpshooter Jason Terry said about the Red Sox fabled comeback. “Papi is a neighbor. I’m very familiar with what they did and the history they made. Is it a motivating factor for us? It helps, but that alone is not going to win the series.”

No, but the Celtics are at least halfway home. After their 92-86 victory over the Knicks in Game 5 at the Garden last night, the Celtics, down 0-3 a few days ago, have made the series 3-2 with Game 6 set for Boston on Friday.

“We’re still down so our mentality has to be all out,” said Kevin Garnett, who followed up a pair of monster 17-rebound games with 18 rebounds last night while playing 39 minutes. “We’re down 3-2. The next game we lose is it. I don’t know what everybody is talking about with getting comfortable, feeling good. We’re down 3-2. It’s not like we evened it up and are going back home.”

Mike Vaccaro says Knicks will have to save their not-so-classy 'funeral' suits:

Back in the Knicks’ locker room, a string of black suits was hung with care in the players’ stalls. This could simply have been a fashion statement, a sartorial expression of unity. Except it came with a purpose: The Knicks weren’t here simply to deliver a knockout punch, but a message.

These were their funeral outfits.

Yes. That’s as galling as it sounds, especially given the events in Boston 17 days ago. Nice. Very classy.

This is a franchise that hasn’t won a playoff series in 13 years or a title in 40, a team that has yet to win THIS playoff series even as the players allowed their minds to drift forward to Atlanta, to Indiana, even to Miami. And they were preparing a Viking funeral for the Celtics before actually, you know, eliminating them.

Amazing. Just amazing.


Howard Beck tells how all-black outfits backfired in game run-down:

The theme proved ill-conceived, perhaps in poor taste and absolutely poorly timed, as the Knicks stumbled through another four quarters Wednesday night, allowing the Celtics — undeniably old, but hardly lifeless — to take a 92-86 victory, extending this first-round series once again.

After starting the week with a sweep in sight, the Knicks are clinging to a 3-2 lead and heading back to Boston for Game 6 on Friday.

“We’re good; we’re good,” Carmelo Anthony said, despite the sudden shift in momentum. He added, “Mentally, we’re in a great place.”


Steve Simmons calls Maple Leafs "cheap playoff pretenders":

If Boston didn't take the better of them physically, the Leafs players were jumpy, rushed the puck, and turned it over regularly.

The Bruins often looked to be on the power play at even strength.

And it was clear from the first minute of play that part of Boston's strategy was to challenge the Leafs defence wide--they did so and controlled the puck throughout the night.

Kostka, in particular, had a terrible playoff debut, circumstantially and not.

He was on the ice for Boston's first four goals.

His status no doubt will be discussed over the next two days.

It wasn't a whole lot better-- and possibly worse--up front.

Phil Kessel, again, was nowhere to be found, didn't win any battles, didn't ever get his speed going.

Steve Buffery describes Maple Leaf "ugly" loss period by period:

Sadly, after Wednesday’s sub-par performance, “the very winnable” quote will be thrown in Kadri’s face (wrongly). In fact, it started on Twitter before the game was even over and will be one of the storylines on Thursday ... I’ve noticed every newspaper and sports network has listed numerous “keys to victory” for the Leafs — the Phil Kessel line rising above Zdeno Chara, secondary scoring, James Reimer, etc.

At last count, there were 479 keys to victory for the Leafs. Apparently none were realized on Game 1.

Bob Elliot talks Blue Jays' beating from the Red Sox:

Mark Buehrle made his sixth start for the Jays and was roughed up for a fourth time in a 10-1 shellacking by the Boston Red Sox before 21,094 fans at the Rogers Centre on Wednesday night.

The Jays managed two hits in seven innings against Clay Buchholz. Until Brett Lawrie’s run-scoring triple with one out in the eighth, the largest cheer was Buehrle’s 1-0 pitch in the first — a ball — to David Ortiz.

There wasn’t anything to root about for Toronto fans.

“Buchholz never gave us a thing,” said Jays manager John Gibbons, displeased over the fact Melky Cabrera lined a ball into the right field corner and was thrown out at second trailing by a wide margin.

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