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Report: John Lackey 'double-fisting' beer in Red Sox clubhouse after loss

Posted by Steve Silva, Staff  August 10, 2012 09:21 AM

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No signs of fried chicken, but there's a report of beer being back in the Red Sox clubhouse in Cleveland.

Comcast SportsNet's Joe Haggerty reports that rehabbing Red Sox starter John Lackey, who has been traveling with the team while recovering from Tommy John surgery, was seen drinking in the Red Sox clubhouse after last night's 5-3 loss in Cleveland:

There were others that just don’t seem to care about wins or losses anymore.

Like John Lackey, who apparently needs to travel with the team and work with trainer Mike Reinold while recovering from Tommy John surgery – a fairly standard rehab that literally thousands of pitchers have come back from stronger-than-ever over the last 30 years.

But for whatever reason, the underachieving righty needs to travel with the team even though he won’t be throwing even one measly pitch for them.

Lackey was so busted up after the latest defeat that he was strutting around the clubhouse with a can of Bud Light in each hand, or what is known as “double-fisting” on every college campus in the history of mankind.

So much for the Bobby Valentine ban on alcohol in the Sox clubhouse that was implemented during spring training.

In February, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine banned alcohol in the clubhouse and on team flights returning to Boston. At the time, no distinction between home and road clubhouses was reported.

"There's no beer in the clubhouse and no beer on the last leg of plane trips," Valentine said in Fort Myers in February. "It's just what I've always done, except for when I was in Texas I guess. I'm comfortable with it that way."

The edict was expected given the news last fall that starting pitchers John Lackey, Josh Beckett, and Clay Buchholz drank beer and ate Popeyes fried chicken in the clubhouse at Fenway Park while games were going on last season.

However, players are allowed to drink beer after the game on the road with their postgame meal, according the Globe's Nick Cafardo. Haggerty's story caused a stir because many were not aware of a different rule in road clubhouses.

In another report, Boston Dirt Dogs writes that embattled Red Sox starter Josh Beckett was spotted at a Boston bar at closing time Monday night, less than 36 hours before he gave up eight runs to the Texas Rangers in a Wednesday matinee at Fenway Park.

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