Brandon Lloyd's trying to rap his way to the top of hip-hop

Posted by Steve Silva, Staff  March 21, 2012 11:14 AM

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Move over Ochocinco. There's a new receiver in town, and he's got skills.

And not just sticky-handed football skills.

Newly-acquired Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd is a Pro Bowl pass catcher, businessman -- he worked as a sales rep for a Colorado company that sells metal to the aerospace industry during the NFL lockout last year -- and he's also a hip-hop up-and-comer in the music industry.
B. Lloyd - She's all mine
Lloyd -- or B. Lloyd as he's known in the rap world -- has been writing music since he was a teenager in Kansas City. His song Heavy was featured in an episode of Spike TV's now-canceled comedy Blue Mountain State, and the aspiring rap star's live show talents are showcased across YouTube.

"I'm an organic rap dude," Lloyd said to The Denver Post last June. "And my experiences are why my content is the way it is, but I just love local, independent artists, because I consider myself a struggling musician, just grinding away and trying to figure out your path."

According to the Post, Lloyd estimates he has written and recorded at least 150 songs and works to get his tracks featured on video games and television shows. His finished songs can be found online at

"I have the guts to stand out and do something I'm passionate about, go against the grain and go against the conventional wisdom that the athlete-rap thing is unsuccessful," Lloyd said to The Post. "Yet I'm going to do it. People will say: 'Oh, you're doing hip-hop music? Who does he think he is, a rapper? He's trying to be someone he's not.' When in reality, I'd be someone I'm not by not expressing myself in music."

B. Lloyd even made an appearance on MTV 2's Sucker Freestyle in 2007 when he was a member of the Washington Redskins:

Lyrics follow:

I don't do this here for my health, I do this here for the wealth
In rap I throw the ball to myself
They say B. Lloyd act like he bought for himself
But when you factor in the family that attitude help
These reporters never played a down or a quarter
Come to the crib, I can break down a pound or a quarter
You ain't got no views man, these crackers will extort ya
You ain't got no dreams man, these clowns will distort ya
I'm in Georgetown every day, like them Hoyas
I'm sittin' in the lap of luxury, everyday Christmas
I ask and it comes to me
Four, five whips a big crib and Evisu jeans
You can compete with me selling jungle trees
Homey you can't see me in your wildest dreams
Behind me is a mile of steam
Millennium Scrooge McDuck swimming in a mound of cream
MTV2 Sucker Freestyles... Sucker

Lloyd also is taking part in an NFL and NFLPA sponsored bootcamp at the Clive Davis Institute, which is part of NYU’s Tisch’s School of Music, to learn more about the business of music.

B. Lloyd reportedly had a distribution deal to release his album Master of Ceremony in April 2009, which included the single She's All Mine, featuring singer Bobby Valentino.

Take that, Bobby Valentine.

Lloyd also breaks down his passion for rap in an interview that aired on ESPN's First Take:

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