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Honk For Gronk: Why Gronk was Bald and Shirtless on I-93 Today

That bald, shirtless Rob Gronkowkski billboard you saw on the way to work this morning on I-93, I-495 or Route 1?

You know, this one:

It doesn't take much to get Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to remove his shirt. Raising awareness to help kids with cancer just made it that much easier.One Mission Buzz Off Campaign

Well, it was legit. That was really Gronk. And he was really shaved clean - at least to his waist - and bearing his pumped-up bod.

But it was all for a great cause.

The 15-foot tall, 50-foot wide billboards featured the Patriots tight end - sans kittens - in an attempt to raise awareness for One Mission's #BuzzForKids push. The organization's Buzz Off Campaign helps those children who have to lose their hair due to cancer treatments.

It hosts an annual "Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer" at Gillette Stadium each spring. Gronk serves as an official spokesperson for the group and was photographed bald and beautiful at its event this past June.

"When One Mission asked me to go shirtless in their campaign to get people to sign up for the Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer, I had my shirt off before they finished the question. I would do anything to help these kids," Gronkowski said in a release.

Usually when we see Gronk with his shirt off, it's not in the most flattering of circumstances. At least as far as the Patriots are concerned.

The next #BuzzForKids event at Gillette Stadium will be held on June 7, 2015.

“We do whatever it takes to help kids and their families get through cancer. And lucky for everyone, that includes getting Rob to take his shirt off and buzz his head to show that going bald for kids with cancer takes strength, courage, and an unbreakable, positive attitude," the group's founder and president Ashley Haseotes added.

Don't fret if you missed the bald and shirtless Gronk this morning. He'll be featured on at least 12 digital billboard this month.

And you can always Google those Gronk-and-kitten photos get your fix during the workday.

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