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Patriots Pull Plug on 'Belichick-Ryan' Show - Here's Hoping FCC Doesn't Allow Any Re-Runs

The final episode of the "Bill Belichick-Patriots vs. Rex Ryan-Jets Show" aired Sunday. It will soon be cancelled due due to lack of victories in New York.

We've even enlisted the FCC to help make sure it doesn't come back in a re-run.

The above complaint was filed for real via the FCC's website Sunday shortly before the end of Sunday's Patriots-Jets game. I have a ticket number and everything.

I asked that the FCC permanently remove Rex Ryan and the Jets from the public airwaves due to the fact that viewers could lipread two very naughty words that Rexy yelled on Sunday.

Ryan's demonstrative "F-Bomb" and "S-Bomb" came after a video review allowed Jonas Gary's 1-yard TD run to stand early in the fourth quarter. The Jets are an profane affront to football fans everywhere outside parts of New York and New Jersey. Their are so many reasons to still [sports] hate this football team.

There is no goodwill toward Green Men this time of year, although millions watching on TV cringed when Jets center Nick Mangold left the game after Vince Wilfork fell on his ankle.


Gray's upheld score put New England up 17-13 and would ultimately prove to be the margin of victory.

Santa won't be coming to East Rutherford this year, after all.

Dr. Seuss wrote that the Grinch "stink, stank, stunk." He could have been breaking down the 2014 Jets [or Red Sox].

If the FCC is truly concerned about indecent television, it will not allow CBS to air next week's Jets-Dolphins game in Miami. That will be a football obscenity of the highest degree. Even Larry Flynt might have to turn away. Thinking 52-0 Dolphins at the half.

Sunday's spiritually-crushing loss to New England was it for the Jets, as far as 2014 was concerned.

Please shut up, Rex. Please go away. Please, FCC, take him off the air, at least as far as this rivalry is concerned. He won't be so annoying and aggravating coaching the Falcons.

Ryan didn't kiss Belichick's rings at midfield after the game. He didn't have to. History will do it for him, as we so prophetically noted on Saturday. Since the Jets beat the playoffs in the "Can't Wait" game four years ago next month, the Jets and blabbermouth Ryan have gone 1-7 vs. New England.

The Patriots have appeared in three AFC title games since. They are one win, or one Broncos' loss, away from not having to go on the road again until the Monday before the Super Bowl. That's five weeks at home before putting on the all-black suits [this time] and heading to Arizona. Of those five weeks, there's a real possibility three of them will have nothing to do with worrying about winning a football game.

Look for more photos like this.

Flying monkey. ???????? Voa Benny.

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The Patriots needed every point they could chisel in Sunday's 17-16 first-round-bye-clinching victory over the Jets. It was Ryan's final home game before his expected departure at the end of this season.

Merry Rex-Mas.

Many members of the Boston Media Community will miss Rex more than his players. Ryan was the anti-Belichick in so many ways. More importantly in the real world of football, his final game as the Jets' head coach against New England was a fitting anti-climax. The Patriots were trapped much of the day against the Jets' defense. Fortunately, they also got to face the Jets' offense.

New England clawed through this one-point victory thanks in large part to Vince Wilfork's meaty paw that deflected Nick Folk's 52-yard field goal attempt with just over five minutes to play. The Patriots beat the Jets this year twice by a combined total of three points. Both games were iced with blocked field-goal attempts.

All three phases of the game.

Now, we're on to watching the Bengals and Broncos Monday night.

As feared, Tom Brady was Scrooged by the Jets fierce defensive front. All those concerns generated by the offensive line earlier this season were laid bare. The only telling offensive stat of this game were the game-high eight catches for 63 yards courtesy of Danny Amendola. The J.D. Drew of this Patriots squad delivered when desperately needed on Sunday. Julian Edelman didn't make the trip and Brady had limited time to throw. Amendola's newly-exercised ability to open up space in the slot and tighten his routes in the second half proved pivotal for New England.

Amendola's 39-yard punt return set up New England's first touchdown drive. The field position - on the Jets' 36 - gave Brady some operating space. Six plays later, New England was in the end zone as Brady found Rob Gronkowksi in the near corner after a 3-yard pass.

Speaking of obscenities, Ryan continued to passive aggressively b---h and moan after the game. Brady is now 20-5 against the Jets. Ryan chooses not to believe - or accept - that fact. Rex maintained that his team holds a hex over No. 12. "If you can control Brady -- I don't know if that's really possible -- but if not, we're the team that always gives him his biggest challenge, whether he admits it or not," Ryan said.

Delusional and historically profane. Football is all about winning, not stats. To wit: Brady had a 107.4 QB rating in the first half as New England trailed 10-7 after 30 minutes.

"Stats are for losers."

When it comes to making Brady miserable, the Jets are the only the second-most-successful team that plays home games in Met Life Stadium.

Thankfully, we'll be spared any more Rex Ryan vs Bill Belichick blather from this point. The Jets will bring in another coach in 2015. He will eventually leave, having failed to dislodge Belichick from his Eagle's Nest above the AFC East. Ryan's ignominious exit onto the Jersey Turnpike at Exit 16W is a neat little football stocking-stuffer. It comes from a season that has given the Patriots and their fans far more gifts than anyone outside Belichick's hoodie would have thought possible three months ago.

The Patriots and Belichick will use this game as a harbinger of what could happen to this team against any sort of big, aggressive defensive front. It is not a Manhattan Project-caliber secret that the key to beating Brady is to apply pressure. The trick is having the personnel who can do it. And not allowing him to pick you apart in the slot as those defenders waltz past Nate Solder. Brady and the Patriots picked the Jets defense apart just enough to win on Sunday.

Beyond the silent profanity and Ryan Saga, that is the lasting takeaway from Sunday's game. The Patriots are 12-3. The Jets are 3-12. Still, this one goes in the "hard-fought-low-scoring-close-victory-on-the-road" category. Last year, the Patriots lost this game after the refs gave the Jets a lift by calling a penalty that's never been whistled before or since.

This year, the Patriots didn't let the officials or anyone else determine the outcome of their visit to New Jersey. Just enough to win was more than enough. There was an inner-football beauty to the ugliness of this affair. So many time in recent years, the Patriots would lose games like this. Now, they appear to have found a win to win them.

You might say it was "$#&*@*! sweet."

Just don't do it on television.

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