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Brady Silences Foolishness, Bills In Patriots Rout

Bah humbug, Brandon.

Guess that makes Tom Brady the Grinch.

Meanwhile, all the trash-talking about the Patriots' quarterback should stop now.

No more foolishness about the Hall of Fame and All-World Quarterback being traded for draft picks this season.

No more blather about Jedi Jimmy Garoppolo, the rookie who went to the same school as Tony Romo, sliding into the starting quarterback's spot in Foxborough.

The only QB controversy in New England exists on your fantasy team. In reality football, there is only starting one NFL quarterback from Caribou, Maine to Cromwell, Conn.

He's the guy who dumps movie stars for super models. The guy who sucks because he hasn't won a fourth Super Bowl. The guy who can't throw the ball longer than 15 yards any more.

The guy who was listed as "questionable" on Friday.

And the guy who neutered and vivisected the Buffalo Bills Sunday for 361 yards and four touchdowns with out throwing an interception in New England's 37-22 victory.

That guy.

In honor of Spikes, we'll call it "Christmas in October."

If this doesn't stop the insanity surrounding the quarterback and his future, maybe the schedule might. After all, the Patriots play the New York Props in less than 96 hours.

"We're trying to find things that work. We're a long way from being the team we want to be," Brady said.

It is now evident that barring any catastrophic injury - caused by further breakdown in the Patriots tuba-player, Cap Space-anchored offensive line, that Brady will be quarterback of the New England Patriots until 2015 at the earliest.

Just nine days ago, his status was legitimately uncertain. Crazy days indeed. Sunday, Brady co-piloted the Patriots into Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y., and pretty much silenced what was supposed to be a menacing crowd and a menacing opponent.

Both quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Brady were exactly who we thought they were in this game. Orton and the Bills turned the ball over three times in the first half leading to 13 New England points. Orton was unstable and unable to take advantage of the home crowd and a critical injury to Jerod Mayo.

Where last week's rout of Cincinnati was iced in the first quarter, this game was still compelling until New England got rolling by scoring on six of its final seven possessions. That last possession consisted by Brady taking a knee twice before the game ended.

The Patriots had a TD taken away thanks to a holding penalty by Jordan "Tuba" Devey, and by extension Bob Kraft's favorite player Cap Space, on the game's chloroforming drive. Brady responded two plays later with a 18-yard TD pass to Brandon LaFell on 3rd and 12. That put New England up 30-14 in the fourth quarter and the Bills' dreams of first place in the AFC East receded to ash heap of history.

Brady was pounded as the offensive line regressed at times, mainly due to the loss of Dan Connolly to a head injury in the first half. There was a badly managed red zone drive early that resulted in a missed field goal, and another miss on a 4th and 1. The Patriots were only four for 10 on third-down conversions in the first half.

Brady and the offense seemed to find their stride in the second half, even as Stevan Ridley exited due to injury. And those questions about Rob Gronkowski being back to his old self were answered much to the satisfaction of the Patriots and those Gronkphiles everywhere. When Gronk left the game with apparent injury, it turned out all he needed was an adjustment on his arm brace.

He was relentless and unwavering for New England.

Gronk catch. Gronk run. Gronk block. Gronk push. Gronk score. Gronk spike. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

As long as he can physically hold it together. He does, at time, seem like just hit from being back on the injured list. But we will, if nothing else, go out in fourth-gear.

Where the defense has been left to bail out the Patriots at times this season, it was the offense, injuries and all, that carried the day for New England. Brady was able to both create points off turnovers, and connect deep and convert on third downs. New England's first score of the second half came on a Brady beauty that found Brian Tyms over the middle through triple coverage in the end zone for 43 yards.

A brief glimpse of the good old days, meaning 2007.

The aerial bomb may have been the last gasp for the "Play Jimmy G." crowd for the season, or until Brady's next interception. Brady got pounded all day by the Bills, yet thanks to some quick whistles, Buffalo was not able to register a turnover the entire game.

When Brady needed it, he stuck to his favorite targets. On New England's first scoring drive of the 4th quarter, that gave New England its 30-14 lead, Brady went to Edelman, Edelman, Gronk [penalty] and Gronk again before throwing to LaFell for the touchdown.

On 3rd and 16, Brady and Gronk connected with 3:35 to play to send the perennially dejected and disappointed masses in Western New York back to their homes and their wings.

It would push Brady over the 300-yard mark for the first time this season. Brady connected with 10 different receivers on Sunday, even if seven of them only had one catch apiece. It didn't matter.

Comcast's Tom E. Curran wrote this week that one reason why the team is $14,464,025 or so under the salary cap is because the team wanted to have a realistic scenario in place in case it had to move Brady and eat the cap space pro-rated by his contract in 2015-18, while signing Prince Jimmy for the long haul.

That's sound reasoning.

But now that Brady has appeared to wash away whatever doubts that may have existed about his play that lingered up until nine days ago, it is time to flip this script.

Do the Patriots want to continue to low-ball themselves, and their Hall of Fame QB, by not putting the best possible players around him to prepare for a possible eventuality in two or three years? Or do Bill Belichick and the Kraft family want to bet a little more on themselves and their all-world QB this season so he one, doesn't get killed, and two, put together deep playoff run?

All of sudden, those Super Bowl predictions we all made don't seem so crazy with the addition of one or two more players.

On Friday, the Patriots will have seven weeks of the season in the books. There's no sober reason to believe they won't be 5-2 at that point. With the onslaught of injuries that occurred Sunday, the woeful Jets might make things interesting for New England Thursday night. There's a running back who may be out for an extended period. The offensive line continues to remain in flux, with one foot in the brass section. The top tackler on the defense, when he's healthy, was likely lost for the season - again.

Since we've been dealing with craziness of late, why not make a deal to bring back Logan Mankins to New England. The Tampa Bay Bucs were carved up Sunday, losing 48-17 after trailing 38-0 at the half. It was the biggest home-field deficit in the NFL in 14 years. Raymond James Stadium was virtually empty when the second half began.

Mankins can't be happy about being aboard that ship. Why not offer up a fourth-round pick for Mankins? The Bucs would be happy to unload what's left of his contract, and the Patriots would only have to pay for him, after Thursday, nine games this season. A move like that would not only shore up the offensive line, but go light year in showing both the QB and at sizable chunk of the fan base that this team is committed to winning in the wallet as it is on the field.

Belichick kissed and made up with Darrelle Revis. Certainly, he can do it with Mankins. Pride goeth before the fall - of the quarterback.

Whether or not the Patriots make any substantive moves, Brady has clearly erased whatever doubts, concerns, worries or fears his presence created earlier in the season.

This game was the supposed "big test on the road against a legit division opponent." Brady completed 27 of 37 pass attempts, including 15 of his final 17.

He's now won 21 of 22 and 23 of 25 against Buffalo.

Like Ralphie during his famous daydream, Brady got an A+++++++.

As we noted before the Bengals game: "Brady is not the problem, he is the solution."

He easily solved the all-hit, no-tackle Buffalo Bills Sunday. The Silly Season of trading the quarterback, benching the quarterback or developing his successor is, mercifully, over.

No. 12 is back at No. 1.

As Brady showed for the millionth time on Sunday, he can have his cake and eat it, too.

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