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Red Sox Fan Creates Epic Derek Jeter 'New Yorker' Cover

An epic painting of Derek Jeter graces the cover of The New Yorker magazine this week.

This blow-out illustration of the Yankees shortstop and future Hall of Famer comes courtesy of artist Mark Ulriksen, who is an admitted Red Sox fan and once attended UMass-Amherst.

“Derek Jeter presents a conundrum for a Red Sox fan like me,” Ulriksen, based in San Francisco, said on the New Yorker website. “I loathe the Yankees, but I appreciate and respect Jeter."

“He’s a classic — humble, consistently spectacular, both at bat and in the field,” Ulriksen added. “When he arrived 20 years ago, he helped to make the Yankees the best team in baseball (again!) for too many seasons. Commemorating his career with a farewell cover is something that I’m sure even the Red Sox Nation can forgive me for.”

Nice job, Mark.

You are forgiven.

In case anyone has forgotten. There is still a baseball season going on. The Red Sox and Yankees meet tonight in the Bronx.

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