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Madden 15 Glitch Creates 14-Inch Linebacker


This year's version of EA Sports' Madden NFL video game claims to be better than ever. Gamers seem to agree and say they're enjoying many of its newest highlights, especially the much-discussed Manning Face.

But Madden 15 has also given the NFL its smallest player ever - Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey.

In reality, Kirksey stands 6-feet-2 and checks in at 235 pounds before breakfast. But in the world of Madden 15, he stands all of 14 inches tall and, in a terrific irony, plays for the Titans.

He still manages to pack on those 235 pounds.

As this Vine shows, being just 1 foot, 2 inches tall presents a lot of challenges to any NFL linebacker, be he real or digitally imagined.

Not too much effort needed to avoid that tackle. Even Tom Brady can escape this guy.

But the miniaturized Kirksey does have an advantage when the ball is on the ground.

The best part about this glitch may be Kirksey's reaction to it all.

A big man, indeed.


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