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Justin Verlander Butt Photos Will Follow Him For Years To Come

Perhaps Kate Upton was in on the Justin Verlander butt jokes long before Justin's bare rear end was launched across the Internet. Getty Images

By now, there's a chance you've seen those nude photos allegedly showing Justin Verlander's butt and full-body side view of his girlfriend Kate Upton.

The images that feature two people who look an awful lot like the Tigers' pitcher and his model/actress girlfriend were leaked Sunday as part of a monstrous hack.

The photos that flooded the internet via 4Chan and Reddit included confirmed nude images of Jennifer Lawrence, and more than 100 other "celebrities."

Some of the photos have been confirmed as real. Others exposed as fakes. Many of the names on the list are victims you've probably never heard of.

A publicist for Lawrence said anyone posting the images of her will be "prosecuted." Not sure how that's going to happen. Perhaps they will be offered up as tribute.

Verlander, Upton, the Tigers or her spokespeople have yet to comment. The silence speaks more toward trying to come up with response to something that's real, rather than a flat denial of something that isn't.

Good news, America. All of my nudes are pre-internet.

Verlander's very-much exposed rear end was, not surprisingly, the butt of many jokes on Twitter and elsewhere Sunday night.

The photos - caution very much NSFW linkage here (unless it's been taken down) - remind us again that the concept of privacy is as archaic as your afternoon newspaper and cigarette ads on TV.

Being exposed in full-butt-view mode next to a nude model who once graced the SI swimsuit issue and is currently still very much in her prime is not the worst way to be remembered throughout history. Except when you play baseball for a living.

Otherwise, life is certainly good otherwise for Justin and Kate these days.

But Verlander's Butt could very well become this generation's version of the Billy Ripken "F--k Face" card.

Ask any baseball fan between 30 and 50 who collected baseball cards in their youth: "What's the first thing comes to mind when you hear the name 'Billy Ripken?'"

Two words immediately come to mind: "F--k Face."

This was an old-school hack where Ripken's Baltimore Orioles teammates wrote a profane moniker on the knob of the baseball bat he held in a trading card photo. The words "F--k Face" appeared when the 1989 Fleer card came out, and it was soon a hit among collectors.

For a while, the card was fetching more than $100. Now, it's worth about $30 or so.

Opposing fans, and those in Detroit when he struggles, will no doubt find creative ways to bring up the Verlander butt photos as topics of derision throughout the rest of his career. Sadly, these images will follow him like his dual Cy Young and MVP awards in 2011.

We actually saw far more of former Tiger Prince Fielder's body acreage in his ESPN The Magazine Body Issue spread than we did Verlander in these photos. But Verlander and Upton probably did not think they were posing for millions, either. And we did see his butt, and all of her from the side.

Anyone who has read Sports Illustrated regularly has already seen Upton "virtually "nude. There wasn't much left to the imagination. Now, there's nothing.

What's next? Who knows? The images of Tom Brady's nude son that triggered a Category 5 flap back in 2011 were a case of paparazzi gone bad. There is no expectation of privacy when you're in public. Even on a beach in Costa Rica. Publishing photos of a nude child is just wrong on so many counts, whether or not the First Amendment is at issue.

Following that fiasco, Tom and Gisele probably now know better than to enjoy private time on a nude beach, no matter the locale.

But what about photos of those two engaged in an amorous tryst in their hotel room?

If those ever hit the internet, you may never be able to log-on again.

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