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Back From the Future -- The Lost Jim Irsay Tweets


Colts owner Jim Irsay was fined $500,000 by the league and banned from participating in any way with his team for six weeks by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday after he pleaded no contest to a DUI charge.

But the toughest part of the sentence for Irsay could be his ban from team-and-league-related social media.

First, there's no real way to ban someone from social media. There's nothing to prevent Irsay from setting up any number of anonymous accounts to vent. But none of them will legitimately carry his cache as owner of the Colts.

Now, what are Irsay's more than 278,000 Tweeps supposed to do for the next six weeks? Well, they could get a life. But we're now in football season and this IS Twitter.

Here's a quick trip down memory lane of his most-memorable Tweets. This one came in the wake of the Colts' 39-33 win over Denver and Peyton Manning last season.

It was followed by this:

And this. (Hint, if you have a drinking problem, you probably should not be Tweeting at 3:39 a.m.

As a public service, here are some of the Jim Irsay Tweets they'll be missing over the next six weeks. (Of course, none of these are real, but we're pointing this out just in case you think we're able to travel in time and would waste it looking at Twitter. The time stamps in our fake Tweets are a dead giveaway.)

Anyway, here we go.

The Colts and Broncos have a rematch on Sunday night to open the season.

And there will be lots of chatter about the Broncos wanting to fix what happened last season.

Nothing like a little trivia contest to keep the fans interested.

When Irsay got pulled over last March, he had $29,029 in cash in a brief case in the front seat next to him. But he vows that his fine will not be a problem.

For the sake of this exercise, we're going with the Broncos at home Sunday night. No doubt, there will be dark forces at hand conspiring against Indianapolis.

In Week 2, the Colts host their home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Expect plenty of offense in this one, and some frustration from the team owner about his team's lack of defense. It would not be the first time he's taken to social media to rip into his players.

Week 3 has the Colts visiting divisional foe Jacksonville.

As long as Blaine Gabbert is still QB for Jaguars, the Colts should have no trouble with this game.

Then, it's back home against Tennessee and a chance to go 2-0 in the almost-as-soft-as-the-AFC-East AFC South.

Things will be a bit more challenging for the Colts and Irsay in Week 4, when the Baltimore Ravens pay them a visit.

The Colts and Andrew Luck should prevail over Baltimore's aging secondary.

One part of Irsay's punishment includes random drug testing. Things could get a little messy.

In Week 6, the Colts pay a Thursday night visit to Houston. Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt could be the stuff of nightmares for Luck and the Colts. But the Texans may not score more than 5 touchdowns on offense all season.

By this time, the strain of being away from his team begins to show.

Confession is always good for the soul.

For the Colts owner, whose team could very well go 4-2 during his suspension/absence, it makes for a nice start.

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