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Watch: Robert Kraft Puts on a Pair of Nike Air Force Ones, Magic Happens

Ty Law was inducted into the Patriots' Hall of Fame Friday.

Then this happened:

And this:

Kraft got a custom-maid pair of the Nike shoes at the end of Law's ceremony. After some encouragement from the Patriots' Hall of Fame cornerback, Kraft found his rhythm while re-enacting his dance during the Super Bowl XXXVI victory rally back in 2002.

It was beautiful. You can see he appears a bit winded at the end of the second clip.

You can watch the entire dance, including Kraft lacing up those Air Force Ones, here via this clip from ESPN Boston.

The Patriots owner demonstrated some equally epic moves last month at the Beyonce-Jay Z concert in Foxborough.

John Henry, Wyc Grousbeck and Jeremy Jacobs - you're up.

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