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Watch: Michael Sam Flashes 'Money' Sign After Sacking Johnny Manziel (And You Get Free Drinks Forever)

Michael Sam.

Johnny Manziel.

Free drinks for life.

It's all here.

The two most-hyped NFL rookies of 2014 faced off against each other Saturday night.

The winner was Sam, who sacked Manziel twice during the Rams' 33-14 victory over the Browns. The first sack occurred on a 3rd-and-21 with 11:02 to play in the game, throwing Manziel for a six-yard loss. The seventh-round pick then celebrated with Manziel's infamous "Money Fingers" salute.

And the internet hasn't crashed - yet.

Money Fingers

Manziel and Sam are both popular and polarizing among NFL fans. Manziel was No. 1 in NFL jersey sales and Sam was sixth, according to figures released in July.

The two sacks by Sam should not have been too much of a surprise. Sam had recorded a half-sack against Manziel last season as Missouri toppled Texas A&M 28-21.

Of course, last year Sam was just another top-notch defensive end in the SEC, and not the first openly-gay player fighting for a roster spot in the NFL.

Manziel? Well, he was already Johnny Football and a Heisman Trophy winner in 2013. But he had not yet been photographed with a rolled up $20 in a Las Vegas bathroom, tumbled in the NFL draft, fallen flat in training camp, flipped off fans in Washington, gotten fined for being late to team meetings or lost out on a shot at a starter's job to Brian Hoyer.

Sam's decision to flash the "Money Fingers" sign Saturday wasn't a surprise to everyone, either.

You might want to cash in on those drinks before the Federal Courts open on Monday.

Hey, it's not like he promised that we could keep our doctors if we liked our doctors, no new taxes or peace with honor.


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