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Watch: Bruins, Julian Edelman Accept 'Ice Bucket Challenge' - Is Tom Brady Next?

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman accepted the "Ice-Bucket Challenge" to help raise awareness for ALS, but not before demanding Tom Brady and a couple of other teammates do the same.

He posted the above video Tuesday on his ever-active Facebook and Instagram pages. Before he soaked himself with with the ice-cold contents of Gatorade bucket, he challenged to fellow Patriots Danny Amendola, Rob "Yo Soy Fiesta" Gronkowski and "Thomas Edward Patrick Brady" to do the same.

They have 24 hours to respond.

The challenge is simple. Record and post a video of yourself pouring a huge amount of ice water over yourself. In the clip, you challenge one or more folks to do the same to keep the chain going.

This current of the challenge began spreading through the Boston athletic community with former BC baseball player Pete Frates, who has ALS, challenged Gregory Campbell of the Bruins to take the challenge.

Campbell, ever the trooper, did just that. His challenge spread to Bruins teammates Torey Krug, Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand.

With Edelman, the chain continues.

Gronk, Tom and Danny - you're up.

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