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Eli Manning Loves Tom Brady Almost As Much As We Do

Eli And Tom

New York Giants QB Eli Manning revealed much Friday during an epic Reddit AMA that covered nearly every topic imaginable from his favorite breakfast cereal (Golden Grahams) to his favorite video game (Zelda, on original Nintendo), to his beer of choice (Bud Light), to whether he can do a standing back-flip (no), to the only time he's ever been starstruck (he once asked Kevin Federline for a picture).

It did not take long for the topics of Tom Brady, the Patriots and those Super Bowls to be raised during the AMA (which means "Ask Me Anything.")

Redditor: Is Tom Brady really that dreamy? Like seriously? Manning: He's pretty good lookin'.

And there was more:

Reddior (self-identified as a Patriots fan, BTW): Do you get along with Tom Brady? Manning: Yes, I get along with Tom Brady just fine. I talked to him for a little bit after the game last night.

Isn't that special.

Another Patriots' fan chimed in with this question: "Why have you tormented my Patriots so much over the years?"

Manning's response: "It's nothing personal."

That makes it all better, doesn't it?

Manning did add that Philly fans were "the most angry."

Both David Tyree's gut-wrenching catch in the final two minutes of Super Bowl XLII and Mario Manningham's emasculating reception on the Giants' final drive of Super Bowl XLVI were subjects of discussion.

Redditor: What was your first thought when you saw Tyree catch the ball? Manning: Did he really catch it?

Yes, unfortunately he did.

Redditor: What single pass are you most proud of? Tyree, Manningham? Manning: I think the Manningham pass, just because that took more skill and from practice than the Tyree pass, which was more backyard / draw it up route

There wasn't much love for the Patriots in this thread. One user prefaced the question about Manning's favorite beer by saying: "Thanks for beating New England twice."

And about those Manning Faces, one of which is included on Madden 15?

Which one is his favorite?

"The “excited I just did a touchdown” one."

(Check out the full AMA here. It's worth the read.)

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