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Rams DE Chris Long Destroys ESPN After It Reports on Michael Sam's Showering Habits

This isn't eighth grade.

Or "The Onion."

Or another episode of "Twitter Gone Really Bad."

This was ESPN reporting on how Michael Sam is fitting in with his Rams' teammates. Somehow, ESPN reporter Josina Anderson managed to make it all about the players who may or may not be showering with Sam.

"Orange Is The New Black" Meets the NFL.

Anderson reported that she spoke with an unnamed player on the Rams who told her that Sam is "waiting to kind of take a shower as not to make his teammates uncomfortable." Like any intrepid reporter, Anderson kept on the story. She added that she spoke with two other players who said they "aren't tracking" his bathing schedule.


Scandal averted.

Fellow Rams defensive lineman Chris Long spoke for millions when he posted on Twitter: "Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it."


By the way, in real football news later Tuesday, Sam made the Rams' 75-man roster. That isn't nearly as prurient as his whether or not he sneaks a peak at his fellow Rams in the showers.

Of course, there was no word from Sam on this burning subject - at the junior-high-school lunch table. That's probably because Anderson would have been embarrassed as hell to ask Sam if he was showering with his other teammates.

Again, this is the NFL, people.

Sam is going to make it or not make it based on his playing ability. Pure and simple. Right now, he's been playing well, perhaps better than anticipated for a seventh-round pick.

Whether he showers alone or with the rest of the defensive line really doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

(HT/Complex Sports)

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