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Bridgeport Baseball Team Dismisses Military 'Nipple Jersey'

The Bridgeport Bluefish faced a PR court-martial last month when they posted an image of military-themed "nipple" jerseys that left far too much to be desired and not nearly enough to the imagination.

The jerseys also featured patches saluting four branches of the military, inexplicably leaving out the Coast Guard. The Guard's academy is located just 66 miles to the north on I-95 in New London, Conn.

Ken Shepard, Bluefish general manager, on Wednesday posted an image featuring the "long-awaited" replacements. The team will honor the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines with replica jerseys for each branch of the military. There was no information available as to when the jerseys would be worn by the independent, Atlantic League team.

The new jerseys are far more tasteful, if not 100 percent accurate.

It's not just the military being "RE2PECT-ed" by the Bluefish this season.

"Derek Jeter Appreciation Night" is Sept. 12.

In other promotions of note, team will host a Zombie Apocalypse Night on Aug. 22 and offering flu shots during its Sept. 13 game against the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. By the way, kids eat free on Wednesdays.

"Flu Shot Night."

How did the Red Sox miss that one?


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