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Watch: Fenway Park Ball Girl Makes Epic Play On A Fair Ball (Awkward!)

The right-field ball girl at Fenway Park has made several solid plays this season.

Friday night, she easily fielded a hard grounder hit by Kansas City's Eric Hosmer in the fourth inning.

Only one problem, it was a fair ball.



(Via MLB.Com)

She quickly realized her mistake and discreetly, if there is such a thing in front of a Friday night crowd at Fenway Park, dropped the ball. Perhaps she hoped no one would notice.

Fans, players and TV viewers definitely noticed.

She eventually picked up the ball again and tossed it into the stands.

"Who, me?"


Yes, you.

The play is just another reason fans should not completely walk away from the Red Sox this season, even if they began the night in last place in the A.L. East.

Hosmer was awarded a ground-rule double on the hit because of "fan interference" and Omar Infante, who was on first base, had to stop at third. He would eventually score as the Royals took a 3-1 lead off Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox in the inning.

Next stop, "Not Top 10" on SportsCenter.

The Red Sox rallied to win the game 5-4 thanks to two-run homers by Xander Bogaerts and pinch-hitter Jonny Gomes.

There may be a new good-luck charm at Fenway Park for the rest of 2014.

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