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Vote: Which Red Sox Should Go to the All-Star Game?

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The Red Sox have to have someone on the All-Star team.

This year has offered the toughest choice among non-deserving players since Scott Cooper was chosen by default back in 1993.

David Ortiz is worthy of a lifetime achievement award. After all, he's gotten one of those from the Red Sox each of the last two offseasons. He has 19 home runs but his average remains south of .255. Major-league baseball might not want Ortiz glaring up at the scorekeeper in Minnesota in case someone dares call an error.

Dustin Pedroia remains all heart and hustle for Boston in spite of his amazing shrinking slugging percentage. He might prefer the time off or in the batting cage.

All-everything Brock Holt provides the best excuse for a Red Sox position player to make John Farrell's team. He's hitting .322 but has only 211 at-bats. Picking him as a reserve over Ortiz or Pedroia might cause more internal clubhouse trouble for Farrell than it's worth.

Starting pitcher Jon Lester would make a legit selection for the A.L. pitching staff. But he and the Red Sox may (or may not) be in the middle of contract talks. Does putting him on the team make him more likely to stay or does being an All-Star just drive up price?

Save for a couple of unfortunate home run balls, Koji Uehara has put up All-Star worthy numbers. He has been rumored to potential trade bait once Ben Cherington convinces Larry Lucchino to wave the red and white flag on 2014. Again, that All-Star appearance could spike his value.

There you have it, Red Sox fans. All-Star voting officially ended at midnight Thursday night. Barring electoral shenanigans not seen this side of North Korea, no one on the Red Sox will be chosen by fans to start.

Who do you think should represent the Red Sox in the All-Star Game in Minneapolis on July 15?

No, "none of the above" doesn't count.

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