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Meet Your New England Celtriots - NFL, NBA Logo Mashup

Pats Celtics

Call 'em the New England Celtriots.

The Patriots and Celtics will probably never merge. If they did, their logo would be loaded with interesting challenges. Graphic artist Brandon Hubschman, via, decided to combine the logos of all 32 NFL teams with their closest NBA counterparts. The trick was to make the logos make sense.

Some worked, others not so much. The results offer a visual cornucopia of sports what-ifs.

Here's the rest of the AFC East.

The Miami Dolphins/Heat.

Miami Dolphins

The Buffalo Raptors.

Buffalo Bills

The Brooklyn Nets/New York Jets.

Brookly Jets

Elsewhere, the Cleveland Browns or Cavaliers never looked this sharp.


The best of the lot may have been the new Dallas Mavericks/Cowboys:


Not even a merger with the Washington Wizards will satisfy critics of the Redskins logo.


Check out all 32 logos here.

[HT/SI Extra Mustard]

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