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Gronk's Epic Night At Beyonce-Jay Z Concert Includes Dance With Bob Kraft [Video]

Beyonce and Jay Z appeared in concert at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday night.

A good time was presumably had by all.

Especially Patriots' owner Robert Kraft and tight end Rob Gronkowski.

They were caught dancing together in the above video posted on Instagram.

Gronk did some fly dancing on his own, too.

He started the party early.

And kept it going strong throughout the night.

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He met and mingled.

Grooved with Loriana.

And made some new BFFs.

Hope he sat down for his sake.

Bet she never washes this shirt again.

Looks like Sir Charles to me.

He was joined by Aaron Dobson, Chandler Jones and a few other pals.

Celebrities. They're just like us.

The Patriots open camp on July 24. Hopefully the hangover will wear off by then.

And if that wasn't enough, Boston's favorite CBS sideline reporter gave the show a rave review, as well.

Bet you wish you were there, too.

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