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Germany Will Win the World Cup (At Least According to Twitter)


The World Cup semifinal between Germany and Brazil was the most Tweeted sporting event in the brief history of social media, with 35.6 million posts during Germany's 7-1 rout. It also set the record for most sporting-related Tweets per minute.

Buzz about the Germany-Brazil match also dominated on Facebook, with more than 66 people million generating over 220 million Facebook interactions, according to the social site. In terms of demographics, conversation was primarily among men between 18-34, followed by women in the same age group.

The top moment on both Twitter and Facebook came after Sami Khedira scored Germany's fifth goal. It generated a record 580,116 Tweets per minute.

The Argentina-Netherlands semifinal generated a mere 14.2 million Tweets and had 39 million people generate 83 million interactions on Facebook.

So, what will happen in Sunday's finale between Germany and Argentina? Our pals at Crimson Hexagon have been trying to track fan sentiment throughout the tournament to see if it might help in choosing the winner.

According to Crimson Hexagon's "excitement index," which combines the team's FIFA ranking with analytics based on social media sentiment, the World Cup champion will be Germany. The chart above breaks down the numbers. The "excitement index" correctly predicted the winner of the Argentina-Netherlands semifinal but whiffed when it came to the Germany-Brazil game.

America's interest in the World Cup has been undeniable. There is intriguing data from Twitter that illustrates what countries Americans Tweet about the most, besides the United States. Mexico had been first throughout the tournament through the quarterfinal rounds, using Twitter's hashflags as a counter. It's followed by Brazil. Colombia, Germany and the Netherlands. More intriguing was the country whose Twitter users posted most about the United States using the #USA hashflag. The winner in that category was Iran.

Who'da thunk it?

The previous record-holder for the most-Tweeted sporting event was Super Bowl XLVIII. Seattle's 43-8 rout of Denver generated 24.9 million posts on the site.

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