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Bridgeport Baseball Team's 'Military' Uniform Should Be Court Martialed

Man boobs.

Pursed lips for a tummy.

Outsized nipples.

If this is military appreciation, count me as a conscientious objector.

The Atlantic League's Bridgeport Bluefish have pretty sharp unis most nights and play in a modern, downtown ballpark on the waterfront in Connecticut's largest city. A Bluefish game is a fun way to spend a lazy summer night on the shore of Long Island Sound. Been there, done that.

But the team's attempt at saluting the military with the uniforms pictured above ought to be dishonorably discharged. For one, the bare-chested uniform leaves women who serve either out of the mix, or quite exposed (it also appears to exclude other races). Secondly, John Rambo left the Army some 40 years ago (at least according to his very unofficial biography). Far worse, unintentional of course, it offers a cartoon version of those who do serve.

The Bluefish also neglected to include the Coast Guard seal on its jerseys. The Coast Guard became an official branch of the military when it was formed in 1915 and, far worse for the Bluefish, houses its academy 66 miles to the north on I-95 in New London, Conn.

Five service branch patches on their regular uniforms would have been sufficient in this case.

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