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'Super Bowl XLVIII Champions' Broncos Attire Evokes Memories of '19-0' Patriots

It's not true. The Denver Broncos are not Super Bowl XLVIII champions. But that doesn't mean their "championship" attire doesn't exist. These t-shirts, jackets, and shirts produced in advance celebrating Denver's non-existent third Super Bowl title were packed up Monday in preparation for shipment to Africa as part of the deal the NFL has with World Vision.

This image was posted by Adam Paul Cooper, who works for the Christian charity organization and appears via Twitter to be a vocal fan of all things Kansas City.

"That's really brand new, high-quality, never worn clothing that could be used somewhere to serve somebody who otherwise wouldn't have access to those things," World Vision's Senior Director of Corporate Engagement Jim Fischerkeller told earlier in 2014..

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A tweet with one of the above Broncos images added: "shipping 'Broncos super bowl champs' shirts to africa today at @worldvision in denver. hahahaha." Another Tweet from Cooper simply read: "43-8."

That, in case you tuned out in the third quarter, was the final score of Seattle's victory.

For several years, the NFL has provided the official attire produced in advance for the eventual loser to World Vision, with the proviso that the clothing is not made available in the United States.

Of course, sometimes these things still end up on eBay, like this Patriots child-size sweatshirt.

Patriots Super Bowl

Boxes of "19-0 Patriots" attire were delivered to kids in Nicaragua and Romania by World Vision in 2008. The first shipment landed in Central America less than two weeks after New England lost 17-14 to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.

Patriots 19-00
[World Vision]

The recipients of the first batch of 290 "19-0 Perfect Season" - trademark pending - Patriots shirts and hats were children in the town of Diriamba. "I like this a lot," said one little girl at the time, according to the New York Post. "We never thought we would receive shirts from professional American football players."

Neither did those professional American football players.

It wasn't just shirts and hats that were produced in advance of New England's catastrophic 18.99-1 season. The Local Broadsheet, owned at the time by The New York Times, produced a book called "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots" and was pre-selling the book on Amazon in January, a week before the game.

Patriots Book

While the actual Amazon listing has been removed, there is a forum section for the book that remains active on the site. Among the still-open 40 threads are: "File This Under Fiction" "Cheaters Never Prosper," and my personal favorite: "Spoiler Alert."

Didn't the former owners of the Globe learn anything from Mrs. Yawkey's early visit to the Red Sox clubhouse at Shea Stadium in the 10th inning of Game 6, or that infamous "Congratulations Boston Red Sox 1986 World Series Champions" message flashed on the outfield scoreboard?

The newspaper part of the newspaper business lends itself to the necessity of advance-planning on such occasions. The Patriots loss in Super Bowl XLII was just one notable "what-if" defeat that dashed big plans for Page One.

19-0 Globe Page
[Boston Globe]

This was front page of a souvenir edition of The Boston Globe set to be distributed on the field had the Patriots beaten the Giants in Arizona back in 2008.

Four Time Champs
[Boston Globe]

And here's the Page One that never was after New England lost again to the Giants, this time 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

An official "19-0 Patriots" t-shirt was for sale on in advance of the game, as well.

19-0 QBC

The page still exists, but the item is "no longer available."

The description reads:

"A season to remember! Join the New England Patriots in celebrating their historic 19-0 perfect season, clinched in a win over the New York Giants at Super Bowl XLII. This commemorative T-shirt helps proud Pats fans declare their team's indisputable dominance. From Reebok."

Dominance for 18 games, 59 minutes, and 31 seconds of an almost-perfect-but-forever-horribly-scarred season.

The visual trove for the lost Super Bowl XLVI victory is equally compelling. Here's a look at some of the official t-shirt, flag, and hat graphics produced by the NFL for New England's triumph that never came.

They are courtesy of SportsLogos.Net, which has an impressive display of such "what-if" official league logos and attire on its Phantom Champions Facebook Fan Page.

Patriots Shirt

Pats Flag

Patriots Shirt2

Patriots Cap

That banner makes for a nice screen-saver whenever you feel like immersing yourself in the wonderful world of make-believe.

Somehow the return of Stephen Drew to the Red Sox lineup Monday night, the presence of Gisele in Tom Brady's life, and fallout from the "Spy Gate" scandal were at the root of each Patriots' defeat.

It couldn't have been the fact that the Patriots were "outplayed and outcoached in all phases of the game."


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