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Shawn Thornton Pummels Matt Cooke, Other Bruins Highlights [Video]

Shawn Thornton left his mark on the Bruins, many of their opponents and even movie-goers as an over-zealous critic of Mark Wahlberg's character in "Ted." The team announced Monday that Thornton would not be back with the club next year, ending his seven-season run in Boston.

Thornton served as the Bruins' primary enforcer with the club. His most notable moment of "enforcement" came on March 18, 2010. It was the first game between the Bruins and Penguins following the cheap-shot, for all-intents-and-purposes-career-ending hit Matt Cooke delivered on Marc Savard.

This clip comes complete with a slow-mo replay of the fight.

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Props to NESN for having that "Tale of The Tape" graphic at the ready. The retribution forever endeared Thornton to Bruins fans. It did nothing to make Savard better, nor did Cooke really ever change his style. But it was enjoyable to watch nonetheless.

During play, Thornton's most important minutes in a Boston uniform came early during Game 3 of the 2011 Cup Finals against Vancouver. The Bruins turned the Canucks' trash talk on its head as Thornton led a resurgent Boston team to its first win in the series. Thanks in part to the aggressive lead of Thornton, the Bruins totaled 40 hits in their 8-1 rout after amassing only 31 in its first two games.

Thornton's final moment of notoriety in Boston wasn't quite as noble. He squirted P.K. Subban at the tail end of Boston's victory over Montreal in Game 5 of the playoffs. It would be the Bruins' zenith in the series, as they would eventually be eliminated at home in Game 7.

Thornton was fined more than $2,800 for his role in "Water-Gate."

Here are 642 seconds of Thorty's best moments as one of the biggest, baddest Bruins in recent history.

Best of luck, No. 22.

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