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LeBron James Mocks 'Practice'; Tells Facebook Audience: 'I'm Feeling Pretty Good'

The entire NBA universe Saturday began to realize that it may have written off Miami's LeBron James way too quickly after he left Thursday's Game 1 loss at San Antonio due to leg cramps in the fourth quarter.

James closed Saturday's media session with an ode to Alan Iverson's infamous rant about "practice,"

Meanwhile, he also took live questions via a live video stream from a potential audience of more than 23 million followers on Instagram and Facebook Saturday afternoon.

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The air conditioning will be working for Game 2 Sunday night. James did not shy away from discussing his health or that cramping in Game 1 that exploded the internet.

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"I'm feeling pretty good. It's Saturday, so I have another day and half to prepare for Game 2," he said at the onset before taking audience questions. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get back out there with my teammates."

Translated: "Listen up, haters and trolls. First, the place will be air conditioned and I'll be fully hydrated. Second, remember the fun you all with the 'Good job, good effort' kid back in the 2012 Conference Finals against Boston? Well Sunday, I plan to drop 30 in the first half just like I did on the Celtics during Game 6."

Just because he's "no Larry Bird" doesn't negate James' past success, present skills and future potential for more championships. He spoke of "not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven ..." titles when the Heat's Big Three were created before the 2010-11 season. He was speaking with the same confidence and bravado oft admired by New England fans when they hear it from their favorites.

[See Bird, Larry: "Man, who's comin' in second?."]

Saturday on Facebook, James spoke in generalizations about Sunday night. "We have to make adjustments," James said of the Heat's outlook in Game 2, but would not discuss any of those adjustments.

For the haters, he added: "I can channel that away because I can only control what I can control."

Not surprisingly, most of his answers could have been answered by anyone in advance. He wouldn't get specific about his best game and when asked about his favorite road arena, he managed drop in plugs for Boston, San Antonio, New York, Oklahoma City and Golden State.

He did say that James Jones was his "most underrated" teammate on the Heat, discussed his high school baseball career and gave a shout-out to Johnny Manziel.

Among the locales that submitted questions were Massachusetts, England, Philippines and New Zealand.

James closed out the 8:52 Q&A by thanking his audience.

"You guys are the real fans," he said.

And James remains the real deal, cramps, bravado and all.

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