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10 Clips To Get You Excited About the World Cup, Including Rajon Rondo

World Cup Preview
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The World Cup begins Thursday at 4 p.m. when host Brazil plays Croatia in Group A play.

The biggest challenge between now and then for soccer fans and others who might want to watch some or all of the tournament may be to watch all of the preview commercial spots being offered online and elsewhere.

The hype for this year's event has been exceptional in terms of production value and technical merit. Here are 10 pre-World Cup clips that will get you hyped up for the tournament even if you don't know the difference between "futbol" and "football."

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1. Rajon Rondo joins Jon Hamm, Ice Cube, and a few other notable athletes and celebrities who "believe" that the United States "will win." Now, this ESPN clip doesn't specify exactly what the USA will win, since the Americans are 250-1 longshots. It's one of many in the ESPN pre-Cup video arsenal.

2. Twitter wants you to use the hashtag #WorldCup.

3. Purin the Super Beagle can't wait for the action.

4. If you've got 329 seconds and want to marvel at some brilliant Nike-sponsored animation and storytelling, check out this clip called "The Last Game." It includes animated versions of David Luiz, Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney, among others, and tells the story of "safe soccer vs. risky soccer." The real players face off against robots and are "willing to risk everything to prove the scientist wrong."

5. WYNC's Brian Lehrer combined the anthems from the 32 World Cup nations - Algeria to Uruguay - at the same time during one 30-second clip on SoundCloud.

6. Rémi Gaillard dedicated a trick shot to each of the teams in the World Cup. It takes eight minutes, but your boss isn't in the office today and this stuff is pretty sweet. This clip registered more than 5.2 million views in its first four days on YouTube.

7. The Washington Post compiled some key numbers for the most-watched event on earth.

And you thought the 2011 Red Sox had a bloated payroll?

8. Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima wants us to watch "futbol" for the next month.

Take that, Gisele. You and Tommy will both be happy to know that there's only stat that matters in the World Cup, as well.

9. Visual and creative types will enjoy this. Slideshare produced an online gallery of how the World Cup logo has evolved since 1930.

10. Samsung worked its way into a selfie with President Obama and David Ortiz during the Red Sox team visit to the White House in April. The phone-maker isn't about to be shut out of the World Cup hype, even if it is not an official sponsor of the tournament.

In this spot, the Galaxy 11 have united to save the planet.

There you have it. There's lots more out there, but you have less than 48 hours to absorb it all before the real stuff begins.


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