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Jay-Z, Solange Explain Themselves on SNL as Andy Samberg Hosts [Watch]

Message from Solange & Jay-Z ~ SNL Season Finale

Jay-Z and Solange began this week's "Saturday Night Live" - the show's Season 39 finale - with a clarification of sorts following their elevator spat.

Speaking with a bodyguard in between them, they each tried to explain what happened that security video leaked/sold to TMZ. Jay-Z [Jay Pharoah] and Solange [Sasheer Zamata] released a new version of the clip, complete with audio.

Turns out Solange was trying to get a spider off Jay-Z because he's has arachnophobia.

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Then Beyonce [actually former cast member Maya Rudolph] tried to further clarify things between her sister and her husband.

Her thought on the family's situation: “Surfboardt.”

"SNL" alum Andy Samberg returned to host. Samberg's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was the perhaps the biggest surprise standout hit of this past TV season, winning a pair of Golden Globes. The Fox sitcom is a modern-day version of "Barney Miller," complete with an ensemble cast that brings to life an eclectic mix of the Big Apple's finest.

His biggest mark on "SNL" were those Digital Shorts, many of which he helped to create with his "Lonely Island" partners Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. "I appeared in upwards of 100 Digital Shorts and six live sketches," he said in his monologue.

One of the great shortcomings on "SNL" this past season were the films produced by the new cast. Virtually without exception, they lacked any sort of comedic element and came off as preachy and forced, rather than smooth and funny.

Samberg's return this week reminded us once again that the show's glory days were not confined to the original cast plus Bill Murray, the days of Chris Rock and Chris Farley or the early part of this decade and the heyday of Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon.

Samberg said his usual "SNL" digital partner in crime Justin Timberlake would not be there because he's touring in Russia.

But J.T. did send this message:

According to Samberg, he did 23 fewer impressions than Bill Hader on the show. To help him surpass "the king of impressions" Hader, Samberg joined with former cast member Seth Meyers to break the impression record.

Andy Samberg - Monologue - SNL 5-17-14

Lightning-fast impressions of Larry David, Seth Rogen, Smokey Bear, Liam Neeson, Osama Bin Laden, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley among others helped Samberg break the record. That was until, of course, Hader arrived.

Hader re-claimed his record as master of impressions by imitating Casey Kasem ["Good news, I've been found"] and Samberg himself.

Counting Samberg, this week's show would feature seven former cast members: Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Martin Short, Meyers, Hader and Rudolph. That speaks to the abilities and comedic trust placed in the current cast as much as it does their long-lasting appeal.

Colin Jost and Cecily Strong continued a solid run on the "Weekend Update" desk that began mid-season with Meyers's departure. Strong offered this gem. "Tonight was prom night in many parts of the country. So if you're watching this live, sorry buddy."

"In The Cage" returned with Samberg reprising his brilliant and funny version of Nick Cage and Paul Rudd as himself to play the perfect dupe. "Seth, my old friend," Cage said to Jost. "You look so youthful."

"It's been a big year for me, I hit 50 on January 7th," Cage added. Turns out that meant he did 50 movies between New Year's Day and January 7.

While chastising Rudd, the loquacious Cage told him he lacked the "key qualities of a true movie star." That would be "a flowing mane of hair that resembles a ferret carcass stapled to the skull of a classroom skeleton. And that is why we light the Menorah on Labor Day."

The very affectionate, lip-locking, spit-swapping Vogelchecks returned in what was the show's highlight. Here's hoping they have plenty of mouthwash in that household.

Andy Samberg - The Over Affectionate Volgelchek...

Samberg played the gay Vogelcheck son, who was bringing home his boyfriend [Taran Killam] for the first time. Mom and Dad [Wiig and Armisen] and Samberg's big brother [Hader] were extremely overly doting with each other, as usual. They were joined by the other Vogelcheck brother, Austin [Rudd] and great-grandmother Vogelcheck [Kate McKinnon].

The family was watching the NFL draft and couldn't quite understand why Michael Sam was decided to kiss his boyfriend.

During the sketch, Armisen lost it laughing live a few times.

When great-grandmother Vogelcheck passes out, her nurse [Rudolph] tries to revive her with CPR that's focused more on breast compression than chest compression. She gets her wind back courtesy of mouth-to-mouth-to-mouth-to-mouth-to-mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that goes from Rudd, to Samberg, to Armisen, to Hader, to Wiig to Rudolph.

Kanye West [Pharaoh] and Kim Kardashian [Nasim Pedrad] returned in "Waking Up With Kimye."

Waking Up With Kimye - SNL 5-17-14

These two do a wonderful job in destroying the false aura given to West and Kardashian by millions. The couple uses this episode to talk about their May 24 wedding and welcomes the Kardashian family patriarch, Bruce Jenner [Killam]. "I would be crying but my tear ducts are pulled behind my ears. Mr. Jenner. That was my dad. Call me Linda."

The wedding vows include Kanye giving a "beautiful and loud three-hour speech about Kim's ass." Kim will read from "Green Eggs and Ham." Her favorite verse: "The part where it rhymes." Kanye's tux is designed with inspiration from Givenchy and Batman. "It's what Jesus would have worn if he had a kilometer of leather."

Viewers were treated to a pair of Samberg's newest Digital Shorts.

"Hugs" brought back The Lonely Island trio and featured Pharrell Williams.

Digital Short - Hugs (With Pharrell Williams... by IdolxMuzic

"I've hugged so many girls, I'm the Wilt Chamberlain of the upper body grip."

The first short was called "When Will The Bass Drop." In it, Samberg is a DJ who held the crowd in his hand by waiting as long as possible to drop the bass. Once he did drop the bass, those listening at his rave ended up dropping dead.

Among the other sketches of note:

Samberg starred as Legolas from "The Hobbit" trying to order at Taco Bell with Pharaoh as his less-than-impressed server. Cute, funny and ended just in time before it got un-funny.

The Confident Hunchback [Samberg] tried in vain to pick up ladies and impress various guests at a 15th century French pub with a string of lame one-liners. "The size of his deformity was nothing compared to his swagger." Like several other sketches this week, it showed lots of promise but didn't come through on more than couple of laughs.

St. Vincent performed "Digital Witness" and "Birth in Reverse."

"SNL" returns live with Season 40 in September. A taped special featuring the women of "SNL" airs Sunday night on NBC.

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