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Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama Spar to Open SNL as Charlize Theron hosts [video]

A pair of First Ladies opened this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live" with a Mother's Day Message to America.

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton had big plans for the holiday, but spent most of their time sniping at and trying to one-up each other. For SNL, this was a bold political step in taking dual digs at two of the most popular national figures among its core audience.

"Tomorrow, Barack and the kids will give me breakfast in bed and then we'll go for a family run," Obama says. "I'm going to put my Blackberry on airplane mode and watch the 'Good Wife' on airplane mode," responds Clinton [Vanessa Bayer], while working in hints about an upcoming presidential run.

When Obama [Sasheer Zamata] says she was honored to give the gift of health care to 8 million Americans, Clinton added she tried it 16 years ago. Then Obama trumped her with "but we delivered." That's subject to debate, as well.

Clinton continued her pitch for the White House and swapped a few not-so-veiled shots with the current First Lady. "I was going around the world," she says. "But I guess it's more difficult to get a fat kid to eat an apple."

The two eventually remained pals.

What's next for Clinton? "I'm meeting Barbara Boxer to work out at Curves."

Charlize Theron returned to host after a 14-year hiatus.

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The last time Theron hosted SNL, Hillary was First Lady and the 2000 presidential election was still days away.

Theron is featured in Seth MacFarlane's summer movie "A Million Ways To Die In The West" and showed her comedy chops in "Arrested Development" and her hilarious Funny or Die video from 2012 which included "Game of Therons."

Theron's monologue consisted of a musical number about how "She Cannot Sing." It highlighted all of Theron's perfections with the SNL cast offering the musical accompaniment.

The Hallmark Channel produced a game show featuring a mom [Kate McKinnon] quizzing her three kids. Among the categories: “What Emails Did I Send You Last Week?” and "Who in Hollywood do I think is gay?" The answer to the second question: "Everyone."

"Weekend Update" continued to be the highlight.

It featured a farewell to Barbara Walters, who has been played by various cast members over the years, including the late Gilda Radner. She brought the character "Baba Wawa" to life.

The real Barbara Walters paid a visit to the anchor desk.

"What an honor it was to see my ground-breaking career in journalism reduced to a series of cartoon characters," she said. Walters tried to differentiate herself from fake news anchors but was stymied when co-host Cecily Strong reminded her she was a co-host on "The View." Walters is making her final appearance on the ABC show on Friday.

"Here's a No. 1 tip, develop a signature voice no one will forget," Walters said. Turns out her real voice sounds like Radner's. "It's fine to make people smile but the real money is in making people cry."

Drunk Uncle [Bobby Moynihan] offered some thoughts on graduation, although he never graduated high school.

"When I was a kid we studied real subjects ... Like blacksmith, butcher, baker or candlestick maker," he said. He summed up the plight of today's students by asking: "Can I light an e-cig with my Bitcoins? If I see one more person smoking an e-cigarette, I'm gonna punch him in the e-sophagus."

Theron and McKinnon teamed up as a pair of over-the-top, cat-loving devotees putting up a few felines for adoption at the Whiskers R We Spring Adoptathon. "If you buy one cat, we make you take them all."

McKinnon introduced one cat up for adoption named Shanghi. "She speaks three cat languages. Tabby. Calico and German," McKinnon said. "I'd adopt her myself but I should try to get my kids back," added Theron, who can't hide her crush on McKinnon. Another cat up for adoption, Damian, is a "feline sociopath."

"He took me hostage for a month."

The rest of the show featured several also-ran sketches and failed to match last week's stellar effort hosted by Andrew Garfield.

Turner Classic Movies aired "Bikini Beach Party," a sendup of those 1960s beach-party films. This one was set around a bash near a couple of beached, decomposing whales filling up with methane gas.

The girls were happy that the star of the film was a 22-year-old boy who would talk to us 13-year-old girls. Eventually, the whales exploded, spraying fake blood and whale guts all over the male lead [Taran Killam] and Theron's character.

The Girlfriends Talk Show returned with Morgan and Kyra [Aidy Bryant and Strong] as the teen-aged hosts. Their guest was a shunned school-teacher [Theron] who quit because she couldn't perform the "Vagina Monologues" at school.

"Dragon Babies" - the "story of a [wuss] who shoots a scuzzbucket" - featured an animated dragon named "Bibbo" who is voiced by a retired Chicago Police Officer, Rick Shoulders. He had to clear his throat on every take. His wife joined him on the set, both complete with a heavy Chicago accent. The high-point of the filmed sketch was the animation itself, which was on par with anything you might see at a theater.

The show closed with a filmed sketch featuring several cast members who were lost as first-time foreign tourists in New York, trying to see how real-life New Yorkers would react to their awkward requests. This sort of faux-man-on-the-street "punked" method of TV was first tried about 65 years on a show called "Candid Camera."

The Black Keys played "Fever" and "Bullet In The Brian." Their new album "True Blue" will be released Tuesday.

Andy Samberg hosts the season finale next week with St. Vincent.

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