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#FrozenYogurt All The Rage In Boston After Fraser's OT Goal For Bruins

Matt Fraser said he was eating lunch on Wednesday at Chipotle wondering what his plans would be for the rest of the week.

Thursday, Fraser played his first playoff game for the Boston Bruins after being called up from Providence and scored the only goal in Boston's 1-0 overtime victory over the Canadiens in Game 4. The victory tied the series at 2-2, giving the Bruins home-ice advantage once again.

Game 5 is in Boston on Saturday.

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After the game, speaking on NBCSports Network, Fraser said had just eaten. "I just had frozen yogurt, too, so I had to work that off," he said.

"I hardly slept today," he added afterward. "I turned my phone off today. It was easier to focus on the game."

That's all it took for #frozenyogurt to become a top trending topic on Twitter in Boston.
And yes, it actually was a trending topic for real.

[That's how you do it, CBC Montreal.]

This sounds good, for starters:

Get it while it's cold:

Thinking his schedule might tighten up a bit:

Fraser came to Boston as part of the Tyler Seguin trade to Dallas last July 4. He may have opened the door to a whole new level of PED usage:

This time, a "Bear" market would be a good thing:

Finally, some parting advice from an Olympic skater:


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