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Run Because . . . This is The 2014 Boston Marathon


Run fast.

Run far.

Run because you love Boston.

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Run for 26.2 miles.

Run for 23 miles if that's all you can.

Run because you're scared.

Run because you're secure.

Run for Martin, Krystle Marie, Lingzi and Sean.

Run for those who could once run but now cannot.

Run for those who will run again.

Run for the forgotten survivors, the ones suffering wounds none of us can see.

Run for the first responders.

Run for a cause.

Run just because.

Run after begging, pleading and cajoling anyone and everyone for a number.

Run to raise money.

Run to raise hope.

Run to raise our spirits.

Run your personal best.

Run your personal worst.

Run somewhere in between.

Run because you lost a bet.

Run because you won a bet.

Run because you couldn't finish last year.

Run because you got screwed from crossing the finish line.

Run because you've never finished any year.

Run because you've always finished.

Run to impress your friends.

Run to impress yourself.

Run to hear the cheers.

Run to conquer your fears.

Run to win.

Run to place.

Run to show - everyone you can.

Run for the money.

Run despite the money.

Run for no money.

Run to be free.

Run even if cost a lot of money to get here.

Run as if no one is watching.

Run even though there will be cameras and police nearly every step of the way.

Run to see Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Kenmore Square and the Back Bay.

Run to see the Engine 33, Ladder 15 firehouse off to your right as you turn onto Boylston Street.

Run to hear the roar of million people you pass.

Run because you hear nothing but silence.

Run from the memories of last year.

Run to get through the memories of last year.

Run because you wrote the best essay of your life.

Run because the Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon in the world.

Run for all those who have run before you.

Run so thousands more can follow.

Run to be one of the 36,000 unique stories to be told.

Run because it's your first marathon.

Run because it's your 100th marathon.

Run because it's your last marathon.

Run to prove muscle pain, pulls, cramping and blisters can be beaten.

Run because that surgery has finally healed.

Run to test whatever it is that ails you.

Run for a kiss at Wellesley College.

Run to conquer Heartbreak Hill, and all those other hills.

Run to conquer much more than hills.

Run for Johnny Kelley, Bill Rodgers and Katherine Switzer.

Run for the photos.

Run for the video.

Run for re-Tweets, Facebook "likes" and Instagram shares.

Run to feel great.

Run even though it's going to make you feel miserable.

Run for Patriots Day.

Run for one.

Run for all.

Run because this is the 2014 Boston Marathon and no one can or will ever take this Boston Marathon or any more Boston Marathons away from any of us.

Run because we won.

Run because they lost.

Run a 26.2-mile victory lap for Boston and all those who love it so.

Run, dammit.


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