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Jeff Bauman: 'That guy looked suspicious. I knew it was a bomb' [video]

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" Tuesday night to talk about his new book and how he's tried to move on from the attacks that cost him both of his legs, killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

Given what he's experienced, Bauman appeared incredibly resilient, poised and clear during his nearly five-minute conversation with O'Reilly, who was quick to discuss the role Bauman played in helping police identify one of the two alleged bombers.

"I was in the ambulance. I was kind of not worrying about my life anymore. I thought I was going to make it. I thought about what really happened and thought. That guy looked suspicious. I knew it was a bomb," he told O'Reilly, who called his description of the older of the two brothers accused in the bombings and murder of MIT police officer Sean Collier "an amazing piece of clarity" given his situation. "I was with it," Bauman said.

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Bauman went through "a lot of pain" just to be able to stand again. "I was sitting down for pretty much a month. I couldn't get my body straight. Then when I got my body straight, it was different," he said. "I was always in pain." Bauman said he got some good advice from the Wounder Warriors who visited him. "I kicked my medicines fairly quick. The Wounded Warriors told me to get off the meds."

Bauman called his recovery "an ongoing process." He said he plans to attend the trial of the surviving suspected bomber but doesn't necessarily want him to receive the death penalty. "I've never been to a trial before so I'd like to see what it's like," he said. "As long as he's not allowed to be out . . . Whatever happens happens to him. It's out of my hands."

Bauman and his fiancee, Erin Hurley, are expecting a baby in July and his new book, Stronger, was released Tuesday.

"Sometimes I don't fully accept it. It's tough. I miss doing old things. I miss shooting hoops with my friends. I miss being able to jump out of my house and drive somewhere," he said.

No spin necessary.


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