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NCAA 'Best of White Guys' DVD, Anna Kendrick and Pharrell highlight SNL [video]

Anna Kendrick's performance of "When I'm Gone" with those cups in "Pitch Perfect" has amassed more than 121 million views on You Tube.

So it was without surprise or suspense that her monologue as host of this week's "Saturday Night Live" consisted of a musical routine to the tune of “Belle” from Disney's tale of "Beauty and the Beast."

“I got my start in musical theater. When I was 10, my dad took me to see 'Beauty on the Beast' on Broadway and I just knew I wanted to be up there, so to be here on this New York stage is so incredibly exciting. It just feels like something out of a story book," Kendrick said.

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Kendrick, 28, was nominated for a Tony Award for her role in the Broadway musical "High Society" when she was only 12.

This season the success and tone of the show has been very host-dependent. Therefore, this week's show was much more musical than comedy. There were giggles spread throughout the 90 minutes, with the night's highlight coming 85 minutes after the local news ended.

An ad for the "NCAA Tourney Best of the White Guys DVD," which aired just prior to the end of the show, was the flat-out funniest sketch - filmed or live - of the night.

Among the highlights: "diving for loose balls," "taking offensive charges," "jamming out on air guitar," "having their minds blown by a dunk," and "everyone's favorite, one white guy throwing a crisp bounce-pass to another white guy."

Coming in the wake of the UConn and Kentucky victories ['Cats and Dogs Monday night'] in the Final Four semifinal games Saturday, the spot was timely as it was telling.

As one fan says: "These guys can really contribute sometimes. They're basically on the team."

And if you order now, you'll also get "When It Was Fair," a look back at basketball in the early 1900s narrated by Jimmy The Greek.

General Motors' CEO Mary Barra [Kate McKinnon] was grilled by Congress in the show's cold opening in light of the problems caused by faulting ignition switches in the Chevy Cobalt. It seems the "old GM" was the problem and she and the "new GM" are "looking into it." The company was bailed out by taxpayers in 2009.

"The first rule in new GM is that you never talk about old GM," Barra exclaimed under pressure, if not under oath.

"Fox and Friends" returned to the SNL scene and delivered a skewed view of the implementation of Obamacare. A week ago, the show began with a sketch mocking the president's use of social media to promote the Obamacare website. This week, SNL delivered equal time for the other side, namely the White House's news that 7.1 million people signed up for health care through the exchanges.

Climate change was the next subject on F&F. "The polar bears are fine. Just the other day I saw one wearing sunglasses drinking Coca-Cola," host Steve Doocy [Taran Killam] said.

Finally, the corrections alone were worth a minute or two on pause.

A filmed musical sketch featured the female cast telling a traveling tale in search of "Dongs All Over The World." It wasn't quite "[Do It On My] Twin Bed" but it was equally as daring and provocative.

In another musical-themed live sketch, Disney's Ariel had to sing to give up her voice for a pair of human legs. But it wasn't the soft, beautiful voice you might expect. When it came time for her fateful decision, Kendrick went Kesha, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Iggy Azalea in song to Ursula.

"I like that it's not too professional. It's just raw and bad," said Flounder.

Pharrell Williams celebrated his 41st birthday on Saturday. No doubt, it was a "Happy" birthday to the musical star and fashion phenom.

Wearing his new green hat, Pharrell had an entire youth chorus along for "Happy."

You read it here first: he will be performing the Super Bowl halftime show in the next year or two.

His second song was "Marilyn Monroe," appropriately accompanied by a female string ensemble.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel [McKinnon] paid a visit to "Weekend Update" and told everyone how tough things are for her. Just once, she'd like to have some fun and tell her ex: "New phone. Who dis?"

"Working with [Vladimir] Putin is like being cornered at a party with a guy who just started CrossFit. He has a good body but hasn't broken eye contract for two minutes," she said. "I am the one on the phone with Putin all day ... Obama is the polite one, the one who shows up with a corsage and hugs your mother. Putin is the bad boy, the one sitting on the hood of his WV. He takes you up to Make Out Point with his hand on the boob."

Merkel admitted she wanted to have some fun, too. "I want to dance like I'm at Elton John concert ... Hold me close, German chancellor."

George R.R. Martin [Bobby Moynihan] discussed the final two books in his "Game of Thrones" series but confessed he is having serious trouble with burnout.

"A lot of the next book takes place in Denver and the next three kings in Denver are Ross, Rachel, and Chandler." He told Cecily Strong his next yet-to-be-finished book is "3,000 pages long" and "everyone you've grown to love, dies." Oh, and of course, "winter is coming."

"Les Jeunes des Paris" was spoken and rapped nearly entirely in French but was easily understandable for anyone who ever survived French I in seventh grade. Kenrdick even dabbled in those cups and Jean-Luc Picard paid a quick visit, along with a parade of little Eloises.

Attention teachers and students, Principal Frye [Jay Pharoah] had a few announcements for his students during a Booker T. Washington High School field trip to the Norfolk Zoo that was out of control. "Some of you jive turkeys threw 30 beachballs into the hippopotamus pond and now it's a real-life game of "Hungry Hungry Hippos." When the zoo's host [Kendrick] broke down after being hassled by ingrateful students, they were lectured by the PE teacher [Kenan Thompson]. "This fine tiny little white lady made herself look ridiculous for you. We got a zoo in my neighborhood. It's a 30-pound cat who just stares at you on the cash register when you buy rolling papers."

Pharrell, the real one, auditioned backup singers in a late sketch, along with Killam and Thompson. One of the "singers" was a twin-sister duo featuring Vanessa Bayer and Kendrick. It offered another opportunity for Kendrick to display her incredible voice. Bayer, not so much.

Seth Rogen hosts next week with musical guest Ed Sheeran.

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