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Video: Leonardo DiCaprio joins Jonah Hill on SNL

Posted by Obnoxious Boston Fan  January 25, 2014 10:41 PM

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Jonah Hill may be on top of the mountain these days, but Leonardo DiCaprio is still king of the world.

Hill is an Oscar nominee for the second time in three years, thanks to his role as Donnie Azoff in "The Wolf of Wall Street." And he hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this week, for the third time.

Hill earned a measly $60,000 for his role in the DiCaprio- Martin Scorsese collaboration. That's the Screen Actors Guild minimum scale. Hill told Howard Stern that he wanted the chance to work with Scorsese and was willing to do almost anything for the opportunity.

The risk paid off with the Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor and another gig hosting NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this week. But it was DiCaprio's surprise appearance in the show's monologue and "Weekend Update" that were the highlights of an otherwise disappointing show given Hill's presence as host. The show fell flat comically early and never really got up.

In his monologue, Hill took questions from audience members, including Brad Pitt [Taran Killam], all of whom wanted to know what it was like to work with DiCaprio. Hill got a little upset and began talking trash about his "The Wolf of Wall Street" co-star before DiCaprio himself came out to wild applause from the audience.

Hill was lectured by DiCaprio for "acting like a big shot" and was scolded for not being humble and gracious. They even shared a special "You're Flying!" hug to make things all right in the end, which mirrored DiCaprio's famous scene from "Titanic."

Jonah was the perfect Rose.

Hill's previous Oscar nomination came for his role in 2011's "Moneyball."

The show passed on some of the week's low-hanging fruit in the cold-opening, namely Justin Bieber and Richard Sherman, and instead began with the U.S. Men's Heterosexual Figure Skating Championships.

The competition highlighted "less talented but undeniably heterosexual" figure skaters for a worst-case scenario in Vladimir Putin's homophobic Russia. The competitors had a few difficulties on the ice. The event even produced a genuine heterosexual couple comprised of an Auto Zone employee [Beck Bennett] and an Applebee's waitress [Kate McKinnon]. It's apparent figure skating ability is not a prerequisite to be an SNL cast member.

Hill brought back his "Adam Grossman" character, the wise-cracking, young, hormonally tuned-up, Jewish boy. This time Adam was trying to hit on some fellow, older, female diners at Benihana's while having dinner with his step-mom, Debbie. "I'm not saying she's cold, but the Polar Vortex told her to take it down a notch ... I'm six, I'm joking."

"Weekend Update" landed some solid blows on Bieber and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, whose inaugural party was postponed due to a blizzard. "Usually his party starts with a massive Blizzard." Of Bieber's dad, Jeremy, Kenan Thompson said "He's what you'd get if Ed Hardy released a line of people."

Cecily Strong's impersonation of a drunken Scottish fish would have made Looney Tunes proud.

McKinnon's Olya Povlatsky - "The woman who lives in Russia" - returned to talk about the upcoming Winter Olympics. "I hear Sochi is a resort town," Seth Meyers said.

"Yes, a last resort." she said.

And with that, Olya was off with a hilarious litany of painful tales. She's the hottest Russian export this side of Maria Sharapova.

"I'm surprised anyone's coming to Russia," Olya said. "I've been to Sochi one time, to throw myself into the sea. But the line was too long." She was also incredulous that the Olympics were coming to her country. "What were the other options, Haiti or the middle of the ocean?" She talked about her sporting background, as well. "My sister and I were athletes as children. Our favorite sport was running from the wolf. I won the gold, she won the silver. God rest her soul."

Michael Cera joined Hill in a spot-on parody of the movie "Her," called naturally, "Me."

In the film, Hill falls in love with a computerized version of himself, which comes to life in the form of Cera.

A raunchy and pleasantly funny Lamborghini commercial featuring the woozy, drunken porn stars [Strong and Vanessa Bayer] closed the show.

"I tried to bang a quiet guy, but it was just a corpse, and I was like, 'Hey it's your funeral.'"

Bastille was the musical guest.

Melissa McCarthy hosts the SNL Super Bowl "pre-show" next week with Imagine Dragons. Coach Shelia Kelly can't be far behind.

SNL will present a "Sports Spectacular" Thursday night, featuring some of its best athletically-themed skits through the years.

No doubt we'll see this one again:

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