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Video: Peavy's Duck Boat on road to Alabama

[Note: You can turn down the volume on your computer or mobile device. There is no audio on the clip except for some annoying feedback.]

peavyy.jpgAmong the great moments in news media helicopter history:

There was the slow-speed O.J. Simpson chase in the white Bronco.

There was the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers.

There was Les Nessman's Thanksgiving Day turkey giveaway on "WKRP."

Now, we have aerial coverage of Jake Peavy's Duck Boat being transported to Alabama, via NECN.

This is real news. That's why you're reading about it here.

Peavy bought the Duck Boat for $75,000 on the day of the Red Sox Rolling Rally following Boston's victory in the World Series. Peavy bought the boat after the idea was put in his head by Jonny Gomes during the regular season.

Stay tuned for further developments.

[Mobile users: Check the clip here.]

[HT/Kevin Vahey]

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